Secret #3 of
  Permanent Weight Control

Secret #3. Become aware while you are eating so that you can enjoy the experience.

Many overweight people literally eat their food in a trance.  They tend to spend a lot of time thinking about food when they are not eating and very little time thinking about it while they are actually eating.  This leads to eating much too quickly and several weight control issues.

Time to reverse that trend and focus on getting maximum enjoyment out of your food.  Start to eat consciously and savour every mouthfull.  Typically this will mean that you will learn to eat much more slowly than you have been.

When you eat quickly you do not give time for the body's natural system of the stomach letting your brain know when you have had enough food kick in.  Overweight people tend to eat so quickly that they are way past the "feeling full" mark before it registers with them.

First steps in implementing Secret #3 are:

  • Do not be doing anything else while you are eating (reading, watching TV. etc.),

  • Do not drink while you are eating (so many people "wash down" their food leading to too much food being consumed in one sitting).

  • Always eat in the same place in your home; ideally say the dinning room or kitchen table.  Definitely not in front of the TV. 

  • When you are eating - make sure that is all you are doing so you can concentrate on your food.  Again no TV watching or reading etc. that will only serve to distract you from eating slowly and with awareness,

  • Chew your food well and slowly before swallowing.  It does not matter how many times have you heard this before because it is true.  Digestion starts in the mouth and plays a key role in your body's natural system that lets you know when you have had enough food.  Eating slowly also allows you to truly enjoy the food you are eating.

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