Secret #5 of
Permanent Weight Control

For most people, implementing the first four secrets of weight control will involve changing the habits of a lifetime; overeating, eating too quickly, eating when they are not really hungry etc.

Using willpower alone (the tool of the Conscious Mind) to develop and install these new habits will indeed be a challenge. The tool that will really make the difference is Hypnosis.

What do we know about changing habits? Habits are:

  • Created and stored in our Subconscious Mind,

  • Highly resistant to change.

What do we know about Hypnosis? Hypnosis:

  • Allows us to communicate directly with the Subconscious Mind where are habits are created and stored,

  • Provides the opportunity to change the habits that we choose to,

  • Makes the new habits as permanent and just as strong as the old habits were that we wanted to get rid of.

We also use Hypnosis to identify and remove any emotional issues that may have been prompting us to overeat.

So, putting it altogether we now have the five Secrets to Permanent Weight Control.

  1. Eat whenever you are truly hungry,

  2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should,

  3. Become aware while you are eating so you can enjoy what you are eating,

  4. Stop eating when you first think you are full.

  5. Use well designed Hypnosis treatments to install the first four secrets as your habitual way of eating and to clear any emotional issues you may have in relation to eating.

Implement this program and you are on the natural road to permanently controlling your weight. No fuss or undue stress, no drugs, supplements or special foods to buy, clubs to join or special diets to follow. After all, you will be just reverting to having your body work the way it was designed to by nature!

Next Step?

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