5 Secrets of Permantent
Weight Control

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?

  • Stuck on losing those last few pounds?

  • Fed up with paying for expensive diet food supplements?

  • Overwhelmed at the amount of weight you want to lose?

  • Want a completely natural and drug free weight control program?

Then you need to learn the 5 Secrets of Permanent Weight Control: No diets, no calorie counting, no expensive food supplements and a completely natural process. Too bad they can't be put it in a bottle and sold. :-)

Secret #1. Eat when you are hungry!

That's right, eat when, and only when, you are hungry. When we are on a diet our minds typically become obsessed with thoughts about eating - what we can't eat, how much we can eat, when we will next be able to eat etc. I am sure you have had this experience.

Why does this happen? Actually it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Try this: Do NOT to think about a pink elephant with a ballerina riding on its back. What just happened? You thought of a pink elephant with a ballerina riding on its back!

The Subconscious Mind is not designed to think in negatives. To NOT think of it, a picture or awareness of whatever you are not going to think about has to come up in your mind. So, as soon as you tell yourself that you are not going to eat for a certain length of time, not eat as much as you did or not eat certain foods (as most diets require you to do) these very ideas about eating seem to just take over most of your thoughts.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you are going to allow yourself to eat whenever you are hungry, the Subconscious Mind can deal with that. No panic, no negatives, no big deal (providing you are not using food to distract yourself from emotional issues etc. - see here for more on eating and emotional issues ).

The Hunger Test

So - from now on every time you feel yourself wanting to eat, stop and ask yourself "am I really hungry?" Does this sound like a silly question? Not at all really. Why else would someone eat unless they were hungry? How about any one of the following reasons for a start:

  • Because it's time to eat ("I always eat at noon" or whenever),

  • Because your concerned that you might be hungry later on if you don't eat now - "preventative eating" (this used to be a personal favourite of mine and it did sound so logical!),

  • Because food advertising can be really very effective (otherwise big corporations would not spend billions of dollars on it every year),

  • Because you mistake the feeling of anxiety or whatever in your gut as a sign of hunger,

  • Because your body is really trying to tell you that you need to drink some water, not take in more food fuel.

How will you know if you are truly hungry? Your stomach will tell you! However make sure you know where your stomach is! Many people think that it is located much lower (around the tummy button for instance) than it really is. Your stomach is located just under your lower left rib cage. If the feeling you think of as hunger is not coming from there, then you are not really hungry.

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