Secret #2 of
Permanent Weight Control

Secret #2. Eat what you want to, not what you should.

That's right, learn to trust what your body tells you. Many of you will have experienced, and most of you have heard, stories about how pregnant women can develop odd food cravings. That is the wisdom of the body directing them to consume needed nutrients. Once you start tuning into what your body is telling you about when to eat, most will start to become aware of what it is directing you to eat as well.

What happens if you try the opposite strategy of telling yourself NOT to certain types of food. You now know from the Weight Control Secret #1 how the Subconscious Mind deals with the negative orders that it receives. You will find yourself beginning to constantly think about the very things you can not have to eat.

Many people find themselves naturally eating a well balanced diet 90% of the time with a 10% "splurge" factor on the fun foods once they have adopted this approach. Of course, this assumes that you have cleared any emotional factors that may have been affecting your eating habits.

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