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On many computers, clicking on the MP3 file will only play it. Here's how to save the file to your computer or transfer it to your phone/portable player etc..

Windows PC or Linux

Right-click on the link to the MP3 file, and choose the option for Saving the link (or target). It will say "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." or "Download Link...". On most systems, double-clicking the downloaded file will open it and begin playback.

Mac OS X

Hold down the option key and click on the link to the MP3 file. It will download to the Desktop (or other folder if you set one in preferences). Double-clicking the icon will begin playback and add the track to your iTunes library.

Here is the link:

Hypnosis to Think More Positively

Enjoy and be sure to listen daily for best results.

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal

PS. I will let you know about new free hypnosis mp3s as they become available!

Sorry, I can't provide any more technical help on the downloading than this.  I am a hypnotist, not a technician :-).

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