Benefit from Hypnosis
with Montreal Hypnotist
Stephen Gruber MA

Clients attending Hypnosis sessions with Montreal Hypnotist, Stephen Gruber, benefit from professional Hypnotherapy Services that are:

  • Approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • Client centered, and
  • Delivered in a caring, un-hurried, secure, confidential and supportive environment.

What that means in practice is that with this Montreal Hypnotist:

  • Clients are seen by me, one at a time and on time,
  • The client has my complete attention for the session,
  • All sessions are customized to the unique needs of each client,
  • On-going support is available until the client has achieved her/his objective, and
  • I am bound by a professional ethics and standards set forth by the National Guild of Hypnotists.


My office is located in the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex at 2100 Marlowe in Montreal.

This is less than a five minute walk from the Vendome Metro, Bus and Train commuter station. Paid parking is available opposite the Health Complex on Northcliff. Taxis are always available outside the metro station.

You can find directions to my office here.

You can take a virtual tour of the office by clicking here.


Please note: I see clients by appointment only. You may send me a message concerning making an appointment here.

I am available to take clients throughout the week from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm (start time of last daily session).

To enquire about making an appointment phone (514) 484-7071 at any time. If I am in session with a client when you call please leave a message with your telephone number and when it would be convenient for me to return the call.


I specialize in resolving life's challenges of normal people of all ages and backgrounds. Examples of clients' issues addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Losing weight,
  • Stopping smoking,
  • Reducing stress,
  • Overcoming unexplained infertility
  • Resolving male impotence
  • Improving academic performance,
  • Eliminating test and exam anxiety,
  • Improving sports performance,
  • Removing irrational fears such Fear of flying, public speaking etc.
  • Improving self-confidence and motivation
  • Stopping unwanted habits
  • Controlling IBS and allergies
  • Resolving emotional blocks and issues

Fixing Previous Failures

I use advanced Hypnotherapy techniques that are natural, approved and safe. These techniques are very effective for everyone who is of normal intelligence and who chooses to follow simple instructions.

I am happy to work with clients who have not had previous success with large group ("hotel" style) hypnosis sessions, or that feel they were not really hypnotized during a session elsewhere.

To discover how you can benefit from Hypnosis download the free eBook Improving Your Health and Achieving Success with Hypnosis.


If you are under treatment for any medical or mental disorder that you wish to work on in Hypnotherapy I will only work with you on receipt of a written referral from your Doctor, Psychologist or other licensed professional Health Care Provider. I will provide a referral letter that your Health Care Provider may sign for such a situation.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an excellent complementary therapy on a wide range of health issues.

A Word of Explanation

You should know about my approach to Hypnotherapy. It is based on an important assumption. That is that we all have the necessary resources within ourselves right now that we need to make the changes that we desire and choose for ourselves. My experience continuously confirms this assumption.

The role of the Hypnotherapist in this process is that of a trained guide to enable you to discover and use the inner resources and knowledge that you already have. Typically, you are currently unaware of these inner resources or are not sure how to access them. You and I working together in Hypnotherapy will change that.

For many of us, the very idea that we each possess these inner resources is initially hard to imagine or even accept. This can be particularly so when we find ourselves apparently stuck in the middle of a difficult or challenging situation that has continued for a long time.

We live in an age when we are taught, encouraged, and in some cases brain washed, to depend on an "expert" to tell us how to run almost every aspect of our life. The first step to a new life often is to change the mistaken belief that that we do not have access to these natural and powerful inner coping resources.

A Word of Caution

Despite what may be implied on some Hypnosis web sites, there are no great gurus out there who have ready made answers for your particular situation.

Let me explain further. Many people may be experiencing a similar symptom or issue that can be successfully addressed in Hypnotherapy. These include such things as;

  • Being over or under weight,

  • Experiencing chronic stress,

  • Are not getting the academic grades they know they could, or

  • Continuing to smoke even when they do not want to,

  • Experiencing less than consistent performance in their golf game etc.

However, each person can be experiencing any one of these particular symptoms or issues for very different reasons.

For example both Lisa and Jim may be overweight. However, Lisa may be over eating because her mother always served oversized portions and encouraged (insisted) everyone should finish everything on their plate. Meanwhile, Jim may be eating too much in an unconscious effort to distract himself from his general sense of anxiety about life.

The outcome is the same, both are above their ideal body weight but it is for different reasons. As a result, how individuals will need to "re-program" their Subconscious Mind for successful permanent change will often differ from person to person even if they are dealing with a similar symptom or issue.

The consequence of this is that I do not practice "one-size fits all" hypnotherapy. Depending on the individual case, there will likely be more to making a permanent change than just providing some standard direct suggestions.

Your Conscious Mind will decide on what it is you want changed, your Subconscious Mind will know what has to be done to achieve the change in Hypnosis. My job is to help you become aware of, or access, what that something is.

A well trained Hypnotherapist's goal is to set your wonderful mind in motion to solve your challenges in the way it was naturally designed to do.

Additional Hypnotherapeutic services offered:

  • Small group Self-Hypnosis workshops open to the public. See schedule here.
  • Public Service presentations on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to professional and community organizations, the media, and conferences etc.
  • Preparation of informative and educational articles and reports and books on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  The latest e-Book, Improving Your Health and Achieving Success with Hypnosis is available for free by downloading here.
  • Preparation of the free information about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy found on this web site. More information is added regularly.
  • You may send me a message concerning making an appointment here.
  • If you have question on Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy then feel free to ask it here.

    I look forward to working towards your success with you,

    Stephen Gruber, MA
    Consulting Hypnotist