Holistic Self-hypnosis


There are many ways that you can benefit directly from learning Holistic Self-hypnosis.  For example, how much would your life be changed for the better if you were able to make just one of the following changes:

  • Lead a healthier life: control your weight, exercise regularly, stop smoking, lower your blood pressure, cure a headache, boost your immune system, control chronic pain, get relief from insomnia or speed up recovery from surgery
  • Perform consistently "in the zone" in your favourite sport such as golf, tennis, soccer, or basketball
  • Strengthen your self-esteem, confidence or motivation?
    Eliminate a strong irrational fear, e.g. fear of flying, insects, heights, dentistry or surgery etc., that is preventing you from leading the life you want
  • Improve your study habits and grades in high school or college
  • Take any test or exam without mind numbing, stomach churning anxiety
  • Achieve the highest level of career or business success that you can imagine
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Understand and manage any strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or guilt etc
  • Make public presentations and speeches confidently and without fear
  • Reduce  the stress you feel in your home, work or school life to manageable  levels
  • Any personal development goal

Revolutionary Use of Hypnosis

Achieving these changes are very possible to do when you take what I call an Holistic Self-hypnosis approach.  And you can achieve these changes in a much shorter time than you probably ever thought possible using this approach.

You can discover how to quickly and effectively go directly to the heart of dealing with any issues that have previously blocked your efforts (and we all have them)to make the changes you want.  You can also fully empower yourself to remove self-limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts. 

The process used to do this is known as 7th Path™ Self-hypnosis.  It is not an overstatement to say that this is a revolutionary step forward in the use of hypnosis.  Its uniqueness and effectiveness lies in three fundamental characteristics of the process:

  1. It is based on an holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Approach;
  2. Self-hypnosis is taught in the state of hypnosis
  3. You, the participant, learn to de-program your mind, eliminating old programs before you start giving yourself suggestions for change.  This approach makes room for change. 

You can find a current schedule of small group 7th Path™ Self-hypnosis in Montreal.

For All

Please note: You do NOT have to have any religious or even spiritual belief to benefit from or practice 7th Path™ Self-hypnosis.  However, people of all faiths (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Traditional Aboriginal faiths etc.) report great benefit from this process. It is NOT a religion or cult in anyway. 

Those without spiritual or religious beliefs of any kind, or who are atheists in outlook, can can equally benefit from learning the process by involving what ever they conceive of as their highest philosophical belief - Love, family etc.).

This very powerful process releases inner resources you may never even suspected you had.  We each have different ways of characterizing those resources depending on how we were brought up or developed in life.  How we name or see them does not matter.  The key point is that this process enables you to access them in important new ways.

Arrangements for teaching Holistic Self-Hypnosis to a self-organized small group (12-14 people max) can be made by contacting me here .


You truly start to maximise your potential by using a Mind-Body-Spirit approach. 7th Path™ Self-hypnosis is a special form of self-hypnosis that encourages and enables you to incorporate your one highest spiritual or philosophical belief. 

This kind of approach brings a welcome focus to the practice of self-hypnosis, inviting this kind of power and wisdom into the process for the purpose of healing and personal change.

Simple Yet Profound

7th Path™ Self-hypnosis is simple.  In just a few hours you can master the techniques used.  Anyone of normal intelligence who wants to learn this process can do so, and use it to make powerful changes in their lives.

You will find that the process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help you move along in life, moving you past old blockages to success.

A typical course, whether undertaken one-on-one, or in a small group session,  consists of:

Δ Explaining how the mind works from an Hypnotherapy standpoint

Δ Explaining how hypnosis works

Δ How to induce self-hypnosis

Δ How to construct hypnotic suggestions to make the changes that you want to make.


Many issues which could previously only be worked with through individual counselling can now be helped in the privacy of your own mind.

With 7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis you do not have to tell anyone about your problem or about your past.  The work is done completely within yourself.

However, if you do wish to talk to someone about what you are doing or the issues you are dealing with you may. As a certified 7th Path™ Hypnotherapist and teacher I can  help you to move through your issues more quickly if you wish.


What's so special about 7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis?

  • It is the first Self-hypnosis program that we know of that allows you to first remove the old programming that blocks success
  • It is especially designed to work well with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach, often not included in so many other self-improvement or Self-hypnosis programs
  • It is especially easy to do, and most practitioners will be successful at achieving self-hypnosis from the very first session.  Why?  Because you learn 7th Path self-hypnosis while in a state of hypnosis!

Small Group one-day training sessions are held regularly in Montreal.  You can find a current schedule here . Please note they are small groups and do fill up quickly. 

Arrangements for teaching Holistic Self-Hypnosis to a self-organized small group (12-14 people max) can be made by contacting me here .

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