Become a Non-Smoker:
March 19, 2008!

Small Group Montreal Hypnosis Program

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The biggest problem that many of my clients who want to become non-smokers face is that of being in "two-minds" about the whole idea.

No one needs telling that smoking is bad for their health, pocket book and attractiveness.  The logical, rational part of our mind knows these things only too well and wants to stop smoking because of them.

But every smoker also knows that there is another part of their mind.  A part that often seems even more powerful.  And that part doesn't want us to stop smoking.  It doesn't really make much sense but that's not how it exerts its power over us.

It controls us through our feelings.  We are afraid to have that one last cigarette.  How will we live without that old "friend?"  How will we deal with the anxiety, the boredom, the anger or any one of the other feelings that seem to come up when we try to stop smoking?  Will I really feel like me if I do not smoke?

Hypnosis is the most successful approach available to help people become Non-smokers because it is the only one that deals directlyand effectively with this problem of the "two-minds!" Once this is understood it is hardly surprising that hypnosis is much more successful that any other therapy could ever hope to be to stop smoking.

Think about it: You can go for long periods without smoking already. Have you ever taken a 6 hour flight or more? Do you wake up in the middle of each and every night to have a smoke? Sit through a movie?; You are not as physically addicted as you might have thought. But you are psychologically addicted. It is essential that your stop smoking program address this aspect of the addiction if you are to experience success.

Hypnosis is the solution to that problem because, when competently designed and delivered, it gives you the best shot you will ever get at finally becoming a Non-smoker for ever.

Why This Program is Unique

This program is uniquely successful because it addresses all dimensions of the challenge of becoming a Non-Smoker, including the being in "two-minds" about giving up aspect.  The Program:

  • Gives you continuous motivation to become a Non-smoker,
  • Gets your Subconscious mind on side, stopping self-sabotage (KEY TO SUCCESS!!!),
  • Provides new ways of dealing with urges customized to your needs and without drugs, patches or gums,
  • Promotes weight control after becoming a Non-smoker,
  • Allows you to experience relaxing hypnosis to become a non-smoker in a safe and secure small group setting,
  • Is built around effective, and safe methodologies enhanced by Stephen Gruber's experience and skills as a Consulting Hypnotist and Smoking Cessation specialist.

Are you finally ready to get on the path to health and success and save a lot of money into the bargain?

Give yourself the help you need and deserve now with this Small Group Hypnosis Program. The Program is expertly designed and enjoyably delivered by Montreal Consulting Hypnotist, Stephen Gruber MA, at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex.

What will this Program give you?

  • Feel your health grow strong and energy return as you free yourself from the daily dose of poisonous smoke,

  • See your savings pile up every day from the money that used to just go up in smoke. Now you will be able to afford that vacation, new clothes or whatever it is you would rather spend your money on,

  • Feel so much more attractive with fresh smelling clothes and clean fingers and bright teeth,

  • Put an end to the premature aging process that smoking causes,

  • Enjoy more free time as you no longer have to worry about always having cigarettes and finding places to smoke them,

  • Experience a growth in your self-confidence knowing that you have achieved your goal,

  • Finally let go of the worries and stigma associated with smoking.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has made the decision that now is the time to really start enjoying life as a non-smoker.

The next Program is offered on;

Date: Wednesday, March 19 2008

Time: 9.00 am to 12 pm

Place: Queen Elizabeth Health Complex (2 minutes from Vendome Metro).

What People are saying about the Program

"It was a great experience for me." C.O. Dollard Des Ormeaux

"What I liked about the program was the enlightenment - understanding why my mind wasn't following my intent." D.K. Westmount

"The focus on feelings and that trust issues where answered early was important for me." M.Q. Notre-Dame De Grace

What you invest

$99.00 - includes session time and all materials ( click here now to find out how to save 25%! ).

Full Payment (PayPal or credit card) must be received by Noon on March 18, 2008 to confirm your place.

Money back guarantee: Your Program fee will be refunded if you decide the Program is not for you during the first 30 minutes of the Program. No questions asked.

Cancellation refund will be made for all telephone (514.484.7071) or email requests received prior to March 14, 2008 .

BONUS!: FREE copy of Stephen Gruber's "Remain a Non-Smoker" Hypnosis CD/MP3 and Waking Suggestions to remain a Non-Smoker(a combined value of more than $39.00 alone) for all those that complete the Program. This ensures that you can follow-up on the experience and reinforce it as many as times as you like for no charge once you get home!

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I look forward to working with you towards your success,

Stephen Gruber, MA
Consulting Hypnotist

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