How to Lose Weight in Montreal

March 26, 2008

Did you know that you can get effective help to control your weight, without going on a diet right here in Montreal?

Join Consulting Hypnotist Stephen Gruber for his Lose Weight Now small group hypnosis program. The next program will be held at his Queen Elizabeth Health Complex Office (Vendome metro) on:

Wednesday: March 26, 2008: 9:00 am to 12.00 pm

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Most people know now that following the latest diet fad doesn't work in the long run. You're soon off the diet and back to your old ways of eating. the very ways of eating that caused you to be overweight in the first place!

The real problem is that you eat for reasons other than being hungry. For permanent and easy weight control you need to change the way you relate to food, not another diet.

Think about it. Have you ever found yourself eating because:

  • it's time to eat?
  • your stressed, bored, depressed or frustrated about something?
  • you want to make sure that you don't get hungry later on?
  • you feel like you deserve a reward or break?

Your mind learned these ways of eating: nature intended us to eat only when we are hungry! Hypnosis works so well because it enables you to let go of the unhelpful ideas your mind has picked up about eating. And, importantly, to replace them with healthy eating habits, naturally.

Why This Program is Unique

This program is uniquely successful because it addresses all aspects of the challenge of letting go of unwanted weight, permanently.

The Program:
  • Gives you continuous motivation to move towards your ideal body weight,
  • Gets your Subconscious mind on side, stopping self-sabotage (KEY TO SUCCESS!!!),
  • Provides new ways of dealing with cravings customized to your needs,
  • Encourages you to eat healthy foods but does not require that you “go on a diet”,
  • Allows you to experience relaxing hypnosis in a safe and secure small group setting,
  • Is built around effective, and safe methodologies enhanced by Stephen Gruber's experience and skills as a Consulting Hypnotist and Weight Loss specialist.

What will this Program give you?

Are you ready to get on the path to permanent health and success? There are many good things waiting for you once you get started:

  • Feel more attractive and self-confident,
  • Enjoy shopping for and looking good in your clothes
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Have more energy

Give yourself the help you need and deserve now with this special weight loss program. You will not find another like it!

Who should attend?

Anyone who:
  • Has decided that they want to let go of unwanted weight in a healthy controlled manner.
  • Is overweight due to overeating, i.e. are not overweight due to a medical condition

The next Program is offered on;

Date: Wednesday, March 26 2008

Time: 9.00 am to 12 pm

Place: Queen Elizabeth Health Complex (2 minutes from Vendome Metro).

What you invest

$99.00 for the entire program - session and materials (click here now to find out how to save 25%!)).

Full Payment (PayPal or credit card) must be received by Noon on March 25, 2008 to confirm your place.

Money back guarantee: Your Program fee will be refunded if you decide the Program is not for you during the first 30 minutes of the Program. No questions asked.

Cancellation refund will be made for all telephone (514.484.7071) or email requests received prior to March 20, 2008 .

BONUS!: FREE copy of Stephen Gruber's "Hypnosis for Weight Loss" CD/MP3 and Waking Suggestions to keep the eight off(a combined value of more than $39.00 alone) for all those that complete the Program. This ensures that you can follow-up on the experience and reinforce it as many as times as you like for no charge once you get home!

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