Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

I quit smoking with Hypnosis and so can you.

"I should have done it years ago....It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more"
Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show - 12/04

Why can't most people quit smoking even though their desire to do so is strong? We all know that some people have given up just with a decision that they no longer want to continue.  However, there are not many people able to do this. The National Institute on Drug Addiction estimates that less than 7% of smokers who try to quit without some sort of support program stay non-smokers for more than one year.

I doubt if you would be reading this page if you were in this small group.  You are more likely one of the vast majority of smokers that want to quit smoking, probably have tried to before (perhaps many times) but find yourself back in the habit again. 

Why is it that a few  people can stop smoking relatively easily while most have such difficulty doing so?  Experience shows that the ability to quit smoking has nothing to do with a person's level of intelligence, education, or strength of character.


There is of course the much discussed evidence of nicotine's chemically addictive characteristics.  However, how much of a role the chemical addiction plays when you want to quit smoking versus the psychological addiction to cigarette smoking is not so clear.  The issue is clouded by studies that consistently show that only 25% of people are successful at giving up cigarettes by using a nicotine patch.  This, despite the fact that they are still receiving regular doses of nicotine. Also, we don't see any clinics opening up to get people of nicotine patch addiction!

Could ignorance of the negative health effects of smoking be the reason people do not quit smoking?  I don't think so.  Every smoker knows that the habit is bad for their health.  They know it would be the wise thing for them to give it up.  Surely most people these days do not continue to smoke out of ignorance of the effect it can have on their well-being?

So, the strength of nicotine's  chemically addictive role can only account for a part of the story and most smokers can be assumed to know that it is unhealthy to continue.  The question remains then why is it that so many continue to smoke?


The answer as to why people do not quit smoking lies in a conflict that exists between the smoker's  Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.   The Conscious Mind wants to quit but the Subconscious Mind is programmed to promote smoking.  Until you find an effective way of changing the "continue to smoke program" stored in your Subconscious Mind, you will continue to struggle with becoming a non-smoker. The saying "I am in two minds over whether to quit or not, part of me wants but another part does not" is literally so true for most smokers.

Willpower I am afraid to report (probably not news to you!) is only a very temporary solution to helping you quit smoking.  Let me repeat, it is only when  you align your Subconscious Mind programming with your Conscious Mind's decision to quit smoking, will you be on the path to permanent success.


Hypnosis is the quickest method for re-programming your Subconscious Mind permanently to help you quit smoking.  You can learn more about how Hypnotherapy works to clear the negative programming in your Subconscious Mind by viewing this page. If you would like even more detailed information, download the free e-Book from this site Improve Your health and Achieve Success with Hypnosis

Why might your Subconscious Mind make it difficult for you to quit smoking?  Well there are perhaps as many reasons as there are people trying to quit smoking.  However, here are some examples that Hypnotherapists regularly hear from their clients.   The reasons may no longer be valid in a client's Conscious Mind (hence the desire to give up now) but the strong old program ingrained in the Subconscious Mind is still playing loud and clear.

  • Smoking is going to make me look older
  • Smoking is glamorous/cool  
  • Smoking lets me be part of the group
  • Smoking helps me think (so wrong - in fact smoking interferes with judgement, coordination and complex thought)
  • Smoking helps me pass the time
  • Smoking allows me to relax
  • Smoking satisfies a need e.g. sadness, anger, loneliness, etc. (It does not, it distracts you temporarily from having to think about emotions you may be feeling)

It is quite possible that you are not consciously aware of why your Subconscious Mind is programmed to prompt you to smoke.  This is no block to becoming a non-smoker if you use hypnosis to support your effort.  In hypnosis you will be communicating directly with your Subconscious Mind and you do not have to be consciously aware of the reason why you started in order to quit smoking.

So What do You Need to Do?

A smoker may feel she or he needs to quit smoking but until she or he wants to, and makes a decision to, nothing happens.  We are all  motivated by pleasure or pain.  If you are serious about becoming a non-smoker now is the time to focus on the pleasures of being a non-smoker and to focus on the pain of smoking.  This is not the time to think of all the things you love about smoking. 



Feel the kind of pain that you need to quit smoking yet?  Let's work on it.

Find a sheet of paper and a pen.  Now start making a list of what you hate about smoking.  It is important to clearly identify all the reasons why you are about to quit smoking.  The more reasons you have to quit smoking and the stronger they are, the better.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Look it over and see which, if any, apply to you. Complete the list with your own reasons (this part is very important).

  • I hate it when my smoking causes other family members to get sick
  • I hate it when I spend more money on cigarettes in a week than on an evening out, new clothes or anything else I would like
  • I hate it when I feel lousy  and I know that smoking is causing it
  • I hate it that I am becoming wrinkled and old looking before my time
  • I hate it that I get winded so easily and can not do any exercise
  • I hate it that smoking is endangering my health and shortening my life
  • I hate it when ashes drop onto or burn holes in my clothes or carpets
  • I hate it when my breath tastes of stale smoke
  • I hate it when I have to go outside and freeze because I can not smoke in the house/friend's apartment/office
  • I hate it when my life is controlled by when and where I can smoke, where I can sit, or how I travel
  • I hate it when friends do not go near me because I smell of stale smoke
  • I hate it when I get sick more often and the illness drags on
  • I hate it when my habit takes a top billing in the family budget

Now add any additional personal reasons why you hate smoking:

  • I hate smoking because.....................................
  • I hate smoking because......................................

Need more reasons?  How about one of the following:

  • I've seen what suffering  smoking can cause and I am not willing to die for a smoke
  • I am pregnant and do not want to increase risk of miscarriage or having a low birth weight baby
  • I do not want to set a bad example for my kids/students/patients etc.
  • Cancer runs in my family
  • I want to be in control of my life and my habits.

With your list in front of you you are in a much stronger position to make your decision to become a non-smoker.

Next you must make your decision to become a non-smoker an "Iron Clad" one.

Iron Cladding Your Decision

First, check out your attitude.  Your attitude is key if you are to develop an iron clad decision to become a non-smoker.

Think of two people who set off to climb a tall mountain, each with equal weighing backpacks.  The first looks up and exclaims "Oh no, what a HUGE mountain! How am I ever going to succeed in climbing THAT?  This pack is already so heavy! I am never going to be able to do this. What could I have been thinking of? How did I get talked into trying this?"

The second climber also looks up. "Oh boy! what a beautiful mountain!  I can't wait to get up to the top and tell everyone what I saw and that I actually did it.  I am sure you can see for miles from up there!".   

Same mountain, same backpacks, same gear.  One climber makes it and the other does not.  How are you thinking about your smoking challenge?

Just becoming aware of your attitude can help you to reframe it if need be into the kind that you will need to succeed.  Working with hypnosis also gives you an ideal tool to help you develop and maintain the "success" attitude that you will need to achieve your no smoking goal. 

What's Not to Love About Being a Non-Smoker

The next thing you are going to need to iron clad your decision to become a non smoker is a second list.  This is a very important list of all the reasons why you love being a non-smoker.  It is this list that is going to help sustain you as a non-smoker under all and any conditions; Good times, bad times; Through thick and thin; alone or with somebody.  Through it all you are going to be a non-smoker.

To do this, look over the reasons of why you hate to smoke and turn them into a list of the powerful benefits you enjoy as a non-smoker.  For example, your list might start of something like this;

  • I love being a non-smoker because I am becoming healthier every day.
  • I love being a non-smoker because I am setting a good example for my children, grand-children, students etc.
  • I love being a non-smoker because I now feel like I am in control of my life
  • I love being a non-smoker because friends and family no longer avoid me
  • I love being a non-smoker because.......................... (note your reasons personal reasons here).

Have you developed a power list of personal reasons of why you love being a non-smoker? Good, now you need to check out any other possible reasons that may be holding you back to making a full commitment.

Gaining Weight

Is fear of gaining weight stopping you make a real commitment to become a non-smoker?  Gaining weight when you become a non-smoker is not inevitable.  It is perfectly possible for everyone to become a non-smoker without putting on any weight.  However, it is true that you will enjoy being able to taste your food again!  Actually one-third of people who stop smoking lose weight.  This is probably because they feel more energetic.

It is true that some people do put on weight when they quit.  This is because while they smoked their metabolism was running faster and therefore burning more calories. However, by using hypnosis as your support program to become a non-smoker you have a process that can build in effective safe-guards to ensure you do not gain extra weight.  You can incorporate strong hypnotic suggestions that will ensure healthier eating habits and taking a little more exercise etc that will keep any potential extra pounds of.  Hypnosis gives you a "2 for 1" benefit on this score.


Worried that you can only relax with a cigarette in your hand? That a cigarette helps you to relax is an illusion created by your ever creative rationalizing Conscious Mind. The physiology of smoking (choking lungs with smoke, depriving your brain of oxygen etc.) actually increases your stress response. People convince themselves that it relaxes them because a) they are breathing deeper than normal when they inhale (a natural relaxation response) and b) mental conditioning.

Taking a pause to have a cigarette provides smokers with a break and distraction from what is stressing them. It does not take long for people's Subconscious Mind to mistakenly connect the relaxing feelings brought on by the break with the lighting of the cigarette that always occurs at such times. Hypnosis can easily help you break that connection and build new simple, no expense, health promoting behaviours to gain the same experience of relaxation.

Now, with an iron clad decision to be a non-smoker under all conditions you are ready to get your Subconscious Mind on side with the commitment. This is what is going to really make it all work this time. To do this you have to get Hypnosis working for you. Click here now to see how you can do that.

If not now, when?

If not here, where?