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Did you know you could get the proven, effective and fast help you need to stop smoking in Montreal? I know how impossible it can seem to become a non-smoker; I once smoked years ago! But I quit smoking and so can you.

Study after study continues to show that professional hypnosis programs are by far the most powerful method for becoming a non-smoker, permanently. And it's natural; there are no drugs, patches or gum to buy and continue poisoning your body with.

Effective full-time professional help is offered through my well known Hypnosis Practice at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex right here in Montreal (Vendome Metro).

A limitation of some Stop smoking programs is the focus placed primarily on just one aspect of becoming a non-smoker, such as the fear commonly felt by smokers at the thought of giving up. Research and my experience show that to become a non-smoker needs more than a single issue approach to ensure lasting success.

My success working with smokers is based on using my full-time professional hypnosis experience to address all aspects of the challenge of becoming a non-smoker. This includes the motivation to become a non-smoker, changing the habits associated with smoking and eliminating the emotional issues that drive so many people to smoke.

It is this holistic and systematic approach that make my stop smoking programs in Montreal unique and so effective. I am un-affiliated with any commercial Stop-smoking franchise operations which ensures I remain free to combine the best of the currently available techniques and tailor them to the unique needs of my clients. They deserve the best!

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