What is a Typical Hypnosis Session Like?
By Keith Chopping

One reason many people choose not to have hypnotherapy is through fear of hypnosis. They feel they will lose control, get stuck in a trance, reveal personal secrets or suffer serious side-effects afterwards.

In my own experience as a professional hypnotherapist and having undergone hypnosis myself many times, I would like to allay peoples' fears. The state of hypnosis is close to how you feel just before you go to sleep or just after you wake up. In other words an aware but dreamlike state in which your conscious thoughts are quieter than usual.

In a clinical setting the therapist will guide the client into this state using soft relaxing music in the background sometimes but mostly through the use of voice and word-imagery. The quality , pace and tone of a voice can it itself lead others into deeper and deeper comfort. Coupled with the description of imagery , nature is a good example, the client should find this language evocative of times and places where they themselves have felt a profound sense of comfort and ease.

Then the activity of the mind , thoughts and feelings, slows down - as it does in meditation. The major difference being that in hypnosis you are being guided into this sensation by another, a professional hypnotherapist.

Most clients report a calm, comfortable experience - some may even feel they have not been hypnotised because they were expecting something really deep. This can happen of course but usually after 3 or more sessions - and the depth of the hypnotic state is not an indicator of success. Most clients can receive and accept hypnotic suggestion in a light state of hypnosis - no being stuck in a trance or being dominated by the mind of another. That is, surely, good news for any prospective client.

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