Where On Earth
Have I Been?

Thank you for your patience!  The last couple of months have been somewhat out of the ordinary and temporarily distracted me from my work here on ask-the-hypnotist.

However, late this fall I concluded my 5 year term as Commander of our (busy) local Coast Guard Unit. This, after just successfully launching our new state of the art rescue boat I am happy to say.  Score one for freeing up time.

From there though I took over (and had to learn) my duties as a new Town Councillor. However, that is now under control. This allows me to direct my attention once again to bringing  the power of hypnosis to as many people who want to benefit from it. 

So wishing all readers and followers a Happy New Year and looking forward to helping you on the path success in 2022!

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist (Montreal)

Coronavirus Pandemic

Hypnosis Sessions
Hypnosis mp3 sessions created specifically for the Covid-19 situation that you can download for free here.