Motivation to Smoke

You may be very clear in your Conscious Mind that you do not want to smoke and have some very strong reasons for thinking that way. However, your Subconscious Mind may think differently. Why might that be?

Hypnotherapists discover from their clients that there are many different reasons. Some of these possible reasons are given on this page.

When going through them, do not forget that the Subconscious Mind does not mature like the Conscious Mind. Many reasons for smoking may have seemed valid in a smoker's youth, even at a conscious level. However, even though the Conscious Mind may no longer relate to them they remain perfectly valid for the Subconscious Mind. Hence it goes on playing the all too powerful "continue to smoke program".

Please note that there is no need to be aware at a conscious level of the subconscious motivation to smoke for the latter to exert its powerful influence.

Here are some of the typical reasons why people started to smoke and that subconsciouly make it so hard for them to quit now, many years later:

  • Smoking is going to make me look older
  • Smoking is glamorous/cool
  • Smoking lets me be part of the group
  • Smoking helps me think
  • Smoking helps me pass the time
  • Smoking allows me to relax
  • Smoking satisfies a need e.g. sadness, anger, loneliness, etc.
  • Smoker identifies smoking with someone that he has loved or admired
  • Smoking symbolizes rebelling against authority
  • Smoker thinks of cigarettes as a friend
  • Feels guilty about something and uses cigarettes to punish himself
  • Feels unworthy of being healthy, happy or successful
  • Needs approval from the group
  • Uses smoking to distract himself from some feeling he does not like
  • Believes that smoking is his only pleasure in life.

What can you add to this list from your personal experience?

Remember - smoking can not really fulfill any of these needs. They are all misperceptions that the Subconscious Mind has picked up. In hypnosis we can talk directly with the Subconscious Mind and correct any misperceptions.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA

Consulting Hypnotist

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