Can You Only Relax with a Cigarette in Your Hand?

Worried that you can only relax with a cigarette in your hand?

That a cigarette helps you to relax is an illusion created by your ever creative rationalizing Conscious Mind. The physiological impact of smoking (choking lungs with smoke, depriving your brain of oxygen, pumping poisons into your blood stream etc.) actually increases your stress response. And yet some people still convince themselves that it relaxes them.

How could this be? Well,

  • Smokers are breathing deeper than normal when they inhale (a natural relaxation response), and
  • Mental conditioning.

Taking a pause to have a cigarette provides smokers with a break and distraction from what is stressing them. It does not take long for people's Subconscious Mind to mistakenly connect the relaxing feelings brought on by the break and deep breath with the lighting of the cigarette that always occurs at such times.

Hypnosis can help you break that connection and build new simple, no expense, health promoting behaviours to gain the same experience of relaxation.

Become a non-smoker and learn what real relaxation is like!

Stephen Gruber MA

Consulting Hypnotist

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