Did you know that hypnosis is a:

  • Proven,
  • Effective,
  • Safe, and
  • Natural

way to significantly improve your life in many ways?

Hypnosis allows you to:

  • Experience relief from unnecessary worrying and anxious thoughts,
  • Enjoy a restorative good night's sleep,
  • Improve your health, often dramatically so,
  • Develop a positive  attitude to life,
  • Stop procrastinating,
  • Achieve your career, sports or self-improvement goals,
  • Improve or let go of unwanted relationships,
  • Let go of harmful or unwanted habits,
  • Enhance your creative abilities, and
  • Get on track to enjoy a much happier and more successful life.

 Discover How Hypnosis
Can Help You Now

You can do that right here with the help offered on this website.

The help freely offered is based on:

  • The evidence from thousands of scientific studies on hypnosis, and 
  • My experience of conducting countless successful hypnosis sessions with clients as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal for many years.

Learn how hypnosis will help you by:

  • Exploring these hypnosis pages at your own pace,
  • Experiencing hypnosis now in the safety and privacy of your own home and learn self hypnosis at the same time with my free self hypnosis mp3 session here,
  • Choosing from a wide selection of enjoyable, effective and affordable specialized mp3 hypnosis sessions here,
  • Discovering how to have your own  personal hypnosis session made by me.
  • Feeling free to confidentially ask me how hypnosis can help you in the question box below.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal

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