Countless people just like you have discovered that hypnosis can significantly help them to:

  • Improve their health, often dramatically so,
  • Feel much more positive about themselves and their life,
  • Improve or let go of unwanted relationships,
  • Let go of their harmful or unwanted habits, and
  • Get on track to enjoy a much happier and more successful life.

Would you like to discover how hypnosis
can change your life? 

If so, then this web site will point the way for you.

The help offered is based on:

  • The evidence from thousands of scientific studies on hypnosis, and 
  • My experience of conducting countless successful hypnosis sessions with clients as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal for many years.

To learn if hypnosis can help you:

  • Explore these pages at your own pace,
  • Experience hypnosis now in the safety and privacy or your own home with my free self hypnosis recording, and
  • Feel free to ask me how hypnosis can help you in the question box below.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist,

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