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Interviews with
Nationally and Regionally Known Hypnotists

It never ceases to amaze me the number of interesting and enjoyable people who have chosen Hypnosis as their career and way of contributing to the world.

So I thought it would be interesting for you to meet some of these people as well through interviews I have had the pleasure of doing with them.  Here you can discover more about the kind of people who become hypnotists, what motivates them and how they could help you!

Hypnotist Interviews (check back - the list is growing!)

Celeste Hackett, Dallas Texas: Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Professional Hypnotist Instructor

Roy Hunter, hypnotist, celebrated author, trainer..

Rev. Paul Durbin, Now deceased but far from forgotten Hypnotherapist

Lynsi Eastburn  Working hypnosis miracles for infertility

Tom Nicoli - World Hypnotism Day Founder & TV Hypnosis Expert

Michael Ellner - Leading  Medical Hypnotist, Educator and Author

Jane Ann Covington - Founder of the Hypnosis Institute in Atlanta and more!

Laura Pagano - Experienced Medical Hypnotist & Founder of Achievement Strategies, Georgia

Jess Marion Hypnotist, PCAT Practitioner, Trainer and Founder of Philadelphia Hypnosis

Alexandra Bley, Palo Alto Consulting Hypnotist

Carolyn Lewis Hypnotherapist, Burlington VT

Sharon Stiles Bristol UK Hypnotherapist

Jackie Maclean, Vancouver Addictions Specialist

Vance Larson, Annapolis Maryland Hypnotist and Life Coach

Karinna Najera, Ottawa Hypnotherapist

Renate Donnovan, Kitchener-Waterloo ON Counselling Hypnotist

Sonfana Kassam, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto Hypnotherapist

Andrea Squibb Santa Monica Hypnotherapist

Barbara Angelo Mount Laurel NJ Hypnotist

Bree Johnson Consulting Hypnotist Charlotte NC

Janis Rosen Hypnotherapist Winnipeg MB

Donald Currie, Consulting Hypnotist, Toronto ON

Timothy Miles, Certified Hypnotherapist, Detroit, MI

Tim Shurr MA, Consulting Hypnotist, Indianapolis, IN

Ann Clark PhD RN Complementary Health Practitioner, Birmingham AL

Dorothy M Neddermeyer Phoenix Arizona

Teresa Van-Zeller West Hills CA Hypnotherapist

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