Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Relief
with Hypnosis

Have you been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Then you know that there is little that medication can do to help you deal with the pain, suffering and inconvenience brought on by IBS.

The good news is that solid evidence from medical studies now shows that using gut centered hypnosis can yield real lasting relief from the often devastating symptoms of IBS.

Further, Hypnosis has several significant advantages for IBS sufferers. These include:

  • It is the treatment with the highest published success rates of any form of treatment(over 80% of chronic IBS sufferers learn to control their symptoms with Hypnotherapy),
  • IBS sufferers who have failed to gain relief with medications and diet etc. can do so with Hypnosis,
  • There are no undesirable side effects of Hypnosis,
  • It is a generally relaxing and comfortable form of treatment,
  • It is based on using the individual's own natural power of healing,
  • The benefits last many years after the Hypnosis sessions are finished.

IBS symptoms have been controlled with Hypnosis since 1985. This approach was first successfully used, and reported on, by Dr. Peter Whorwell working out of University Hospital of South Manchester, UK.

Dr. Whorwell's continued work (and that of others) in this area has shown that Hypnotherapy has a success rate of over 80% in most published research reports of IBS suffers who undertake the process.

Just as importantly, to date evidence has shown that the positive effect in controlling symptoms with hypnosis lasts for at least 5 years after people have completed the hypnotherapy sessions.

"This study demonstrates that the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy appear to last at least five years. Thus it is a viable therapeutic option for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome."
Gut (Scientific Journal) 2003

You are not alone

The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research reports that up to 20% of the Canadian population suffer at any one time from IBS. In other populations this figure can rise to 30%. In all populations the majority of sufferers are women but men also can be subject to this syndrome.

Not life threatening but...

IBS is not life threatening and does not lead to the development of cancer. However, for those experiencing IBS, it can have a huge impact on a person's quality of life.

IBS can profoundly affect many aspects of a sufferer's life. These may include, in addition to the physical and emotional symptoms, the curtailment of their ability to work in their chosen field or, in some casaes, continuing an active family and social life and personal relationships. Few who have not actually suffered from IBS can understand the extent to which this can be true.

In fact, the friends, family or colleagues lack of understanding for a sufferer can often lead to understandable emotional difficulties on top of the physical symptoms.

Some IBS sufferers are too embarrassed over the details of their symptoms to even consult with a doctor. Others have tried so many different ways to control their symptoms that they have virtually given up hope of ever being successful. In the worst case scenario, patients have been told there is nothing that can be done for them.

The reality

We do not know what causes IBS but we do know:

  • What can sometimes trigger the symptoms or make them worse for people.
  • Less than 25% of IBS patients report that they receive satisfactory relief from their symptoms using IBS medications alone. Those who do experience relief typically report having experienced milder IBS symptoms in the first place.
  • Diet can play an important role in helping to bring IBS symptoms under control. However, long term it is not necessarily sufficient for many people and dependence on diet control alone can lead to a very narrow or unpractical life-style.
  • There are many people offering IBS solutions. Some may be of help but most are completely untested and in fact offer no real proven benefit to sufferers.
  • While there are few people trained in Hypnosis work for controlling IBS symptoms there is now a solid established evidence based body of research documenting its effectiveness.

Please note that hypnosis per se is not going to control IBS symptoms; it is the skilled use of a solid hypnosis IBS protocol, initially in combination with a conventional medical approach, that will provide long term relief and independence from hypnosis, medicines and a restricted diet for controlling IBS symptoms.

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