Chronic Pain Relief:
Hypnosis Provides 
A Proven Solution 

chronic pain relief hyponsis

Do you need relief for your chronic pain?

Hypnosis is a proven, effective natural and safe way of obtaining relief for chronic pain. 

Hypnosis is completely complementary with work done at other pain clinics in Montreal and elsewhere.

Do any of the following situations apply to you? You:

  • Spend a large part of your day in constant pain and have done for the last six months or a lot longer,
  • Have been told that you must learn to live with your pain but not shown how, or
  • Have been told that your pain is all in your head,
  • Feel that you are stuck in a body over which you have little or no control,
  • Find yourself hiding how you really feel from others because you know they just don't understand,
  • Have tried all drugs prescribed, exercises etc. with none or little relief,
  • Frustrated by not being able to walk, sleep, think, concentrate, or be sociable like you used to,
  • Tired of, or given up on, going from specialist to specialist and not finding any relief,
  • Lost, or fast losing, all hope of doing the things you used to enjoy or thing that you want to try,
  • Concerned about pain killer drug addiction issues,
  • Are angry, short tempered, impatient with those around you and with life in general because of your pain,
  • Very fearful for what all this means for the rest of your life?

Then this information is for you. It will help you to discover how you can start to take back control over your pain through hypnosis.

This applies wherever your pain started. Whether it be for example:

  • Back,
  • Neck,
  • Joint,
  • Muscle,
  • Shoulder, or
  • Leg pain.

Whether your pain has been diagnosed for example as:

  • Sciatica,
  • IBS,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Arthritis,
  • TMJ,
  • Migraine or tension headaches, or
  • From unknown causes.

How Can Hypnosis Help With Chronic Pain Relief?

Clinical hypnosis can help you in several different ways. To begin to understand how, one has to realize that pain is composed of at least two components. A signal that is sent to your brain, and the way your mind processes or reacts to that signal.

PLEASE NOTE before any one stops reading or turns off when I report this statement. The above statement does NOT imply in any way shape or form that a sufferer, chooses to have pain, that their pain is imaginary, or that they should just get on with life and forget about the pain. None of these situations follow at all from the above statement. Pain is very real and not imagined per se, even if the cause of it is unknown.

Now, back to how hypnosis can help. The fundamental point to understand here is that what you think will automatically cause physical reactions in your body. Most of you can easily and quickly demonstrate the truth of this statement to yourself.

Experience It Now

Here's how you can do it.

pain relief montreal

Imagine for a moment cutting into a juicy fresh lemon. Recall the aroma of the lemon juice as you slice through the lemon. Imagine picking up one of the quarters of lemon and slowly bringing it towards your mouth. Look at the juicy flesh and feel the lemon skin between your fingers as you do so. Now, slowly bite into that lemon and taste, feel and smell that lemon juice running over your lips, down and all around the inside of your mouth and tongue. Really taste that lemon juice.

What are you beginning to experience now?

Most of you at this stage will be beginning to experience an increased inflow of saliva into your mouth as you imagine the sight, taste, smell and feel of the lemon juice in your mouth.

Many of you will be actually puckering your mouth up at the thought of it. I know I still do and I have done this simple exercise many times and know what is coming! It is an automatic reaction to me imagining tasting the lemon.

The point for us of course is that there is no lemon. You have imagined the lemon. But through the process of imagining the lemon a physiological reaction in your body has been started automatically.

Your mind prepared your body to start digesting the lemon as if it really existed. And it did this automatically without you having to do anything. In fact, beyond knowing the trigger of imagining a lemon you do not consciously know how to start your digestive system.

Now do you begin to realize that there is an important connection between what you think about the pain signals you are receiving and what you will physically experience in your body?

You can focus on helpful imaginative responses (that reduce your perception of the pain) or unhelpful ones. The latter responses result in maintaining or even unintentionally amplifying your perception of the pain signal.

Hypnosis allows you to take control of your imagination in powerful ways that allow you to develop very helpful, practical ways of relieving your chronic pain.

Watch The Proof Now

In this brief video, BBC reporter Michael Mosely tests out how well his pain can be controlled with hypnosis at Birmingham University in the UK.  You will be surprised!

How to Really Forget About It

There are several different ways that you can learn to use your mind to take advantage of its natural abilities and apply them to gain pain relief. People will often prefer one way over another or find one more effective than another for themselves.

As another example of hypnotic pain relief, take our natural ability to tune out sense signals.

For example, have you ever know anyone who lives near an airport or a railway line. When you visit you may ask how on earth they can ever sleep with the racket of the planes or trains? They may well look at you blankly at first and then say, “Oh that, we don't notice that noise any more.”

Well this helpful capacity of the mind to “tune out” significant sensory input, in this case the sound signals of the planes or trains, can be very effective when you learn to apply it to the pain signal. In hypnosis you can train your mind to tune out or down the pain signal that is causing you so much distress.

This but just one other approach. There are several powerful hypnosis pain relief techniques that I taught people at my hypnosis practice at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. Hope is indeed realistic when you start to use hypnosis for pain relief. 

If you're ready to train your mind to experience profound pain relief then you can find out how to do that right now.  You can access additional dependable  pain relief hypnosis information and resources here.  Check it out now because it is the risk free next step to whole new way of living.

With you on the path to comfort,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist

Please note that hypnosis does not replace the need for you to have your pain diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.

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