Parenting Your Child
with Hypnosis

Parents have asked me if it is possible to help their children with hypnosis. The short answer is yes. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help children in a wide range of situations that they may be facing or experiencing.

You will find personal stories of parents' success with using hypnosis to help their children.  Also there is good evidence that supports using hypnosis with children in the literature. The hypnosis used may be guided by an experienced professional hypnotist or something that the parent can carry out directly with their children.

Some times people worry that it might be wrong to try and influence their children using hypnosis. Ultimately that is the decision for each individual parent.

However, be aware that you are directly or indirectly influencing the course of your child's life all the time.  This applies whether you are knowingly employing formal hypnosis techniques or not.

Learning how to use hypnosis for positively influencing your child's life may well be one of the most important assists a parent can have to help their children succeed in life.

Why would you use hypnosis with your child?

The many reasons for using hypnosis with children include but are far from limited to:

  • Improving their memory and concentration,
  • Increasing their confidence and self esteem,
  • Learning to self-regulate habits such as thumb-sucking, nail biting, hair pulling and bed wetting,
  • Improving school grades,
  • Improving sports performance,
  • Sleeping problems,
  • Eating healthily, and
  • Dealing with peer pressure.

How to use hypnosis with your child

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and very effective tool. Many issues can be resolved by giving your child simple direct suggestions while in hypnosis. If your child's situation or issue is more complicated you will wish to use the services of a qualified and experienced hypnotist.

There is a simple but very effective way to provide helpful direct suggestions to your child.  To use it you take advantage of the hour just before they wake up in the morning. During that period while they are in REM sleep it is as if they are in hypnosis.

Here are the 6 simple steps you could follow:

  1. Quietly enter your child's bedroom sometime during the hour before they normally wake-up. Do not wake them up when you enter.
  2. Gently give your sleeping child the suggestion to keep sleeping. You could gently say, “It's Mum (or Dad), keep sleeping.”
  3. Next you want to make sure you are communicating with your child's subconscious. To do this, just ask, “If you can hear me, move a part of your body.” Now watch very carefully to see a part of their sleeping body moving in response to this question.
  4. Once you have noted a movement response in your child's body you may continue in confidence to give the suggestion that will benefit your child. For example, “You find Maths easy,” or, “You are healing quickly” or whatever it is that your child wants help with.
  5. Now, having given that suggestion, say to your child, “You are safe, Mum and Dad love you,” and then leave the room.
  6. Unobtrusively observe your child's behaviour after this. If the suggestion takes effect, the job is done (it can take only one session). If not, then repeat the procedure another morning until the suggestion takes hold.

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