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Hypnosis Quiz

To find out how much you really know about Hypnosis (as opposed to what you have picked up from the "Hollywood" Hypnosis or hypnosis stage show myths) take the free Hypnosis Quiz.

You may surprise yourself with what you find out in just the few minutes it takes to answer the questions.

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Free how to choose a hypnotist consumer guide

If you are searching for a Consulting Hypnotist and you don't know one, you may wondering about how to select the best professional for you to work with.  There is a lot of variation in the type and amount of training an Hypnotist may have as well as in the fees they can charge.  How can you be sure you are making the best investment?

Find out the questions you should be asking with this free report before you start your sessions: Download the free Consumer Guide: How to Choose a Hypnotist here.  You'll be glad you did!

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Free learn self hypnosis mp3

Do you want to experience hypnosis right now? Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of Hypnosis? A good place to begin is with the free Manage Stress and Learn Self hypnosis mp3 session.  You can learn more about it and how to receive the free hypnosis mp3 and email coaching here.

You won't regret it; you can enjoy a life-changing tool from which you can reap major benefits for the rest of your life.

I am adding free full video sessions and mp3s for a variety of issues.  Check out the weight management and stop smoking ones now.

Need an answer?

Have you got a question about Hypnosis you need answered?  No problem.  I consider it part of my job to answer your hypnosis questions.  Get your question answered here.

Personal Hypnosis MP3 Consultation

Interested in a hypnosis mp3 custom designed to address your personal issue or goal?  Find out more and get a free hypnosis consultation here.

Hypnosis e book

Free Hypnosis e book

Discover what makes Hypnosis work in more depth by downloading the free e book, Improve Your Health & Achieve Success with Hypnosis.  Happy reading - it could set you on a new course in life!

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Free hypnotist directory

Reviewed the How to Choose a Hypnotist consumer guide and are now looking for a competent hypnotist in your city?  Then its time to consult the free International Hypnotists Directory here.

And for Hypnotists reading the site, there is the free 3 Step Hypnosis Marketing Plan that can set you on the road to success.

Not free, but of great interest to those who want to start a career in hypnosis is the Hypnosis Training page.

Don't forget to check back often as I am regularly adding more hypnosis resources.  

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Stephen Gruber MA
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