Tension Headache?
Let Hypnosis Ease the Pain

We have known that Hypnosis is very effective for relieving chronic migraine and tension headaches since Anderson and his colleagues published the results of their study on the issue in 1975 in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

Since then numerous other solid studies and personal experience have shown the power of hypnosis to help relieve what can some times be a debilitating experience for many.

For example, a 1991 study investigated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the treatment of chronic tension‐type headaches. A waiting list control group was used to control for the changes in headache activity due to the passage of time. The results showed significant reductions in the number of headache days, the number of headache hours  and headache intensity. The improvement was confirmed by the subjective evaluation data gathered with the use of a questionnaire and by a significant reduction in anxiety scores.

If you start to experience headaches you should of course first consult with a medical professional to establish they are not indicators of an issue that needs further medical attention.  However, if they are confirmed to be tension or migraine headaches then hypnosis could well be of significant help to you.

If your ready to learn how to ease away your headache with hypnosis then you can find out how to that right now.  You can access additional very dependable headache hypnosis information and resources here.  Check it out now because it is the risk free next step to restorative sleep.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal

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If not now -when?

If not here - where?

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