The Hypnosis Quiz

Most people's understanding of Hypnosis comes from either Hollywood or Stage Show Hypnotists. The result - all sorts of strange myths floating about on the subject of hypnosis.

Here's your chance to see if what you believe about hypnosis is true or just one of the many myths. Try the hypnosis quiz, it only takes a few minutes and you may well be surprised at what you learn!

Click on either True or False to answer the following questions:

1. Hypnosis is a paranormal, supernatural phenomenon?
True or False

2. Hypnosis is sleep?
True or False

3. A hypnotized person has weak willpower and surrenders to the stronger will of the Hypnotist?
True or False

4. Hypnotized people involuntarily reveal secrets that they would rather not?
True or False

5. Relaxation is not necessary for Hypnosis?
True or False

6. People can get stuck in Hypnosis never to wake up?
True or False

7. I will remember nothing of what is said while I am in Hypnosis?
True or False

8. Certain personality types are more easily hypnotized than others?
True or False

9. Hypnosis can enable people to perform seemingly impossible feats of strength and endurance?
True or False

10.Hypnosis is not dangerous?
True or False

How did you do?

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