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Is hypnosis the best help for child birth?

Believe it or not many women are successfully using hypnosis to reduce labour and delivery pain. Hypnosis has been shown to be more effective than standard medical care, supportive counselling and childbirth education classes in reducing pain. This, according to a methodological review of research carried out by Alison Landolt and Leonard Milling on the issue. In fact, hypnosis has been effective in helping with a wide range of fertility, pregnancy and birthing issues. Continue reading to discover reputable hypnosis resources to help you experience a wonderful birth experience.

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Hypnosis Help for Stroke Victim Rehabilitation

Can hypnosis help in the rehabilitation of stroke victims? There are reports in the scientific literature that hypnosis can indeed help make a difference. For example, after working with six chronic stroke subjects in hypnosis it was reported that improvements in both motor function and motivation were observed.

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Indisputable Scientific Proof That Hypnosis is Highly Effective for Treating IBS

Over 30 years of research into the use of Hypnosis for gastrointestinal disorders has led researchers to a very important conclusion The conclusion is “unequivocally that for both adults and children with IBS, hypnosis treatment is highly efficacious in reducing bowel symptoms and can offer lasting and substantial symptom relief for a large proportion of patients who do not respond adequately to usual medical treatment approaches.”

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Feel Better About Yourself Quickly

Sometimes we feel plain lousy, like nothing is going our way or worth the effort.

This is normal if it happens now and again, but if you feel this way frequently and for long periods, life really will be lousy as you become trapped in the vicious circle of feeling more and more worthless and lose the energy to do things that help you feel good about yourself.

Break the circle of feeling bad about yourself with relaxing, re-juvenating hypnosis

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How to Put Meaning Back Into Life in Just 2 Hours a Week

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As Dr Iain McGilchrist showed in his groundbreaking book The Master and His Emissary, our modern urban environments, our work and even our leisure time tend to exclude nutrition for the brain's right hemisphere. And since the right hemisphere is where meaning resides, this can leave us feeling that life is meaningless. However, a simple intervention that takes only 2 hours a week can help solve this problem and leave us feeling happier, healthier and that life is more meaningful.

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Hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but it helps some patients cope with surgery and recovery

Diane Fresquez rests on an operating table at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels, a pale blue cap on her head. She’s having her two tiny parathyroid glands removed.

But for this operation, Fresquez is awake. Cradling her head with two hands and stroking her forehead is Fabienne Roelants, an anesthesiologist who is using hypnosis to get Fresquez through the procedure.

“I’m inviting you to fix upon somewhere, not to take your eyes off it,” Roelants says in a French-accented voice. “Now you can close your eyes, to be more relaxed and more comfortable.” Fresquez closes her eyes. “Now you are at a day in November,” Roelants continues. “It’s a Thanksgiving dinner at home. I’m inviting you to observe your friends, your husband. The lights are low, and small candles are flickering in the windowsill.”AD

As Roelants talks, Fresquez grows totally still and her eyes close. A surgeon inserts a long needle into her neck to numb just the area near her parathyroid glands and then cuts a one-inch hole in her throat area to remove two glands, each the size of a grain of rice.

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I tried hypnotherapy for my chronic insomnia – it worked!

If you are desperate for some a good night's sleep, hypnotism just might be the answer you've been looking for. It was for writer Shona Hendley.

I was an unwitting night owl. The blanket of darkness would cover everything around me, apart from my mind which seemed to want to keep on thinking throughout the night.

My chronic insomnia had been an issue on and off for two decades, ever since I was a teen. Sometimes it was a product of stress, or events in my life that were keeping my brain awake at night, and sometimes it happened for no good reason at all.

But when my first child came along I hit the most intense bout of insomnia I had ever suffered, and it began to impact every area of my life. My mood was erratic, my energy was lacking, my motivation had flat lined. I was struggling and didn’t know what to do.

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'He loved helping people' - renowned hypnotherapist Dr Lyn Bateman remembered

A RENOWNED hypnotherapist from Risca, who died while on holiday in Menorca, has been remembered as "a family man and a gentleman".

Lyn Bateman, 69, of Risca, died on Saturday, October 5 while on holiday with wife Patricia.

Mrs Bateman remembered her husband as a family man, who doted on his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“He would do anything for his family, and he would always greet us with the same enthusiasm every day," she said. "He was a family man and a gentleman.

“He was generous to a fault.”

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Research Shows Power of Hypnosis to Change Beliefs

Do you find yourself caught in reacting to ingrained beliefs about yourself and the world that do not serve you well? May be you have tried to change them by telling yourself that they are not rationally correct and you wish to change them.

However, this proves very hard for most people. The beliefs are strongly embedded in your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapists have of course long known that hypnosis is a safe natural tool that allows us to change those beliefs to ones that work well for us. Now science is providing evidence that this is indeed the case and there is no “magical thinking” involved.

In a recent journal article, researchers provided good evidence that people using hypnosis can indeed change what are known as “implicit beliefs” i.e. Those beliefs that guide our thinking and behaviour automatically, often in directions that we do not desire.

Click the link to learn more about this research. Better still, experience and start benefiting from hypnosis right now by enjoying my free and unique Stress Management mp3 hypnosis session available on this site.

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Hypnosis for Children

Discover how you can help your child succeed wtih hypnosis. Free "how to" hypnotize your child tips.

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