Hypnosis Research Articles on Stress

Hypnosis, Stress and Immune System

Conclusion: The results provide encouraging evidence that hypnosis- relaxation can reduce detrimental immune function changes associated with acute stress .

"Ohio State University College of Medicine analyzed the effects of hypnotic-relaxation training on cellular immune function during a stressful event. Control subjects showed stress-related decreases in immune cell proliferative responses to two mitogens and percentages of CD3+ and CD4+ T-lymphocytes and interleukin-1 production by peripheral blood leukocytes. Subjects who underwent hypnosis-relaxation were, on average, protected from these immunological changes . More frequent hypnotic-relaxation practice resulted in higher percentages of CD3+ and CD4+ T-lymphocytes."

Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al. Hypnosis as a modulator of cellular immune dysregulation during acute stress. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 69 (4): 674-82. Aug 2001.

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