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Why do people teach themselves self hypnosis?

The short answer is

  • "Whatever you can do now you can do better, and
  • there is a very good chance that what you can't do now you can become good at

once you have learned the easy skill of self hypnosis."

Learning self hypnosis is something that just about any one can do. In fact, you are doing it without realizing it already, naturally.  The point is, do you want to take charge of this process?   Discovering the power and pleasure of self hypnosis is the ultimate life changer.

Here are some examples of what people like you are doing with self hypnosis:

  • Expanding their creative talents,
  • Knowing what their need is at any particular time,
  • Increasing their learning ability and improving their skills,
  • Discovering new ways to solve problems and make decisions,
  • Improving the quality of their lives in just the areas that need improvement,
  • Becoming much healthier, wealthier and wiser,
  • Helping themselves  get well when they are sick,
  • Letting go of bad habits and adopting new positive ones,
  • Deepening their feelings of love,
  • Establishing and improving their relationships,
  • Sharpening their perceptions,
  • Breaking out of the tyranny of only using their intellect and experiencing the freedom of tapping into their intuition,
  • Stretching their imaginations,
  • Letting go of old fears, anxieties, worries and panic,
  • Experiencing the ultimate in stress relief,
  • Achieve the goals they set for themselves,
  • Being the best they can be at their sport,
  • Discovering their own special strength and beauty, and
  • Best of all.... to simply feel good!

Learning to hypnotize yourself is very;

  • Easy,
  • Fast, and
  • Relaxing

The secret to learning self hypnosis quickly and easily is to learn it while you are actually in hypnosis.  This is exactly what happens while you listen to the unique and free hypnosis mp3 session that I have prepared for you. 

Once you have learned self hypnosis you truly start on the path to improved health, success and well being.  To taking control of your life and giving it the direction that you choose. 

With self hypnosis you can at last:

  • Release Past Negative Programming,
  • Restore Your Natural Self Confidence,
  • Promote Clear Thinking and Success
  • Let go of Unwanted Habits
  • Experience Deep Stress Relief, and
  • Improve Your Health.

If this is for you then you can get started right now for free.  Just let me know where to send you the mp3 session download information and self hypnosis email tips below.

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With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist,

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If not now -when?

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