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Hypnosis and Health Issues

Hypnosis and Emotional Issues

Hypnosis and Non-Health Related Issues

Hypnosis Research Articles


For Hypnotists

Hypnosis and Health Issues

Weight Management:

Free Diet Programs

Changing Your Eating Habits

Emotional Eating and Weight Loss


Can Hypnosis Help Me Become Thin?

Easy Slimming Tips

Weight Loss; Hypnotize Your Fat Away Now!

Will Using Hypnosis Lose Weight for You?

Eat and Lose Weight

Stop Smoking

Attitude Is Everything When Quitting

Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Help for Staying a Non-Smoker

Can You Only Relax with a cigarette In Your Hand?

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Does This Motivate You to Keep Smoking?

Have You Really Decided to Quit Smoking Yet?

Hypnosis for Stop Smoking


Study Supports Hypnosis Help for Colitis


Hypnosis and Dementia


Hypnosis for Type 2 Diabetes


Hypnosis for Infertility & Pregnancy

Hot Flashes

Hypnosis Shown to Help With Hot Flashes


Hypnosis for Sleep


Hypnosis Help for Seizures

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Hypnosis and Emotional Issues


Self Hypnsosis for Self Confidence

Social Anxiety

Is There A Cure For Social Anxiety?

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Hypnosis and Non-Health Related Issues


Can Hypnosis Help Me Become Wealthy?

Think and Grow Rich - Hill

New Year's Resolutions

Will You Fail With These Mistakes People Make When Setting New Year's Resolutions?


End Procrastination Now: Here's A Plan

Hypnosis Help to Become a Better Student

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Hypnosis Research Articles

Hypnosis has now been the subject of well over 10,000 research articles published in refereed scientific journals.  The subject continues to receive the deserved, welcome and increasing attention of researchers from around the world.  In this section I will share with you some of these articles that you can follow up for yourself.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Summary of IBS and Hypnosis Research

Pain Control

Hypnosis Research Articles on Pain Control

Stopping Smoking

Hypnosis Research Articles on Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Hypnosis Research Articles on Weight Loss

Stress and Immune System

Hypnosis Research Articles on Stress, including the Immune System

Changing Beliefs

Hypnosis Research Articles on changing long held unhelpful beliefs.

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Self Hypnosis

7 Ways the Power of Self-Hypnosis Can Benefit Your Life

How Are You Getting Your Post Hypnotic Suggestions?

Dealing With Distractions in Self Hypnosis

How Deep into Hypnosis Did I Go?

Stephen Gruber Talks About Hypnosis on WatchMojo

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For Hypnotists

The Truth About Hypnosis Training

Unique and Proven Training Opportunity to Start a Career in Hypnosis

Free Hypnotist Marketing Plan

Stephen Gruber's RRI System for Success

How to Become A Hypnotist

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