Stephen Gruber's
RRI System for Success
The Key to
Managing Stress and Achieving

Your True Potential

The RRI System for Success in Brief

Release stress hormones that can lead to significant physical, mental and emotional issues easily,

Remove beliefs and perceptions that could otherwise continue to regenerate emotional blocks to success and lead to chronic stress,

Install new positive beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and feelings that generate lasting and expanding success and improved physical and mental health!

Have you ever wanted or needed to:

  • Improve your health by effectively managing stress, letting go of IBS and headaches, sleep better, lower blood pressure, enhance your fertility and more?
  • Change a behaviour or habit such as overeating,  smoking, nail biting, or hair pulling etc.?
  • Remove an irrational fear or worry such as speaking in public, meeting people, flying, driving, examinations etc. or to
  • Achieve your most important goals in life whether in your career, sports, school, financial, relationships etc.?

Ever wondered why it is seems so hard to get to where you want to be?

Well you're not alone.  Struggling along with the typical advice of "just do it" so often leads you back to right where you started!  The only thing that is different is that you now feel defeated, a failure.

It does not have to be that way when you discover the natural tools that you have been given to achieve success for whatever goal you commit to.

The RRI System for Success takes these natural tools and places them into a simple but powerful system that allows you to use them systematically to experience a much more satisfying, healthier and successful life.

These tools are not new and have never been a "secret."  They have been known in many cultures in various forms; for many centuries in some cases. 

Our western culture has a growing passive reliance on expecting an "expert" or medication to provide a solution for our challenges. The majority of people have yet to learn of and experience the benefits of using the natural resources that reside within all of us that make up the RRI System for Success.

Why the RRI System for Success?

The key to success lies first in understanding that we have at least two parts of our minds.  A conscious part and a subconscious part.

The conscious part of our mind is the "logical" part that allows us to think out solutions to problems.  It processes data from the outside world. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, logically all you have to do is eat less, eat healthy foods and do some exercise. Sounds simple right?

The trouble is that if you have ever gone on a diet you know that it does not typically work out that way!

That is because the goals and/or beliefs held in the subconscious mind can often be in conflict with those of our conscious mind.  In the long run, if we do not adjust those subconscious goals and hindering beliefs, they will tend to win out.  This is because the subconscious has several powerful ways to influence our thinking and behavior.

For one thing, the subconscious part of our mind is the keeper of our "automatic" behaviors. For example, once you have learned to ride a bike or drive a car you do not think about doing it the next time you need that skill.  You just do it automatically without having to think about how to do it.  This learning capacity leads to the formation of what we know as "habits."

Some habits such as looking before we cross the road can be helpful.  Others, such as eating or lighting up a cigarette when we feel stressed, can lead to less desirable results and some times big problems!

Another job of the subconscious mind is to protect us. However, it protects us in ways it has learned from previous experience, not logic. It will react without us even thinking about it, i.e. override the conscious mind. 

This is one reason diets do not work in the long run.  For a while you may not eat that ice cream or smoke that cigarette but then you have a stressful day and without thinking, you have opened the fridge door and started into the ice cream or lit up a cigarette.  The subconscious mind learned a way to distract you from the stressful feeling it feels it has to protect you against.

We see this protective role at play when the "fight or flight" stress reaction kicks in when the subconscious mind perceives a situation that it considers dangerous.  Stress hormones flow before we know it so that we are physically ready to fight or run away as best we can.

This works well when we are facing a physical danger such as coming face to face with a bear!  However, when it comes to facing say a job interview or meeting new people, fighting or running is unlikely to help the situation.

We then often will experience the reaction as anxiety or even a panic attack.  Some people are reacting this way many times a day and suffer the tragic consequences of chronic stress. 

The stress hormones are harmlessly dissolved by physical activity.  That is why we feel relaxed after exercise.  However for so many situations in our every day lives the body does not have the opportunity to release the stress hormones by fighting, running or other immediate physical exercise.  This leads to the physical/mental experience  literally being "stored" in your nervous-muscluarutre system.

Animals know this and can go into a shaking reaction in order to physically release the stress hormones after having been traumatized.

As most of you will have also experienced if not actually realized, the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between real physical threats and imagined ones.  However, the physical reaction (fear, anxiousness) we experience when we imagine that we are, for example, going to be fired tomorrow for sure, is just as real as if it was actually happening. 

That is also why we can experience fear, sadness or laugh when watching a movie.  Consciously we know we are watching a movie and do not need to react emotionally to the electrons bouncing on the screen.  However, to our subconscious minds the images we have imagined are as real as if they were actually being experienced.

For better or worse, the subconscious mind does not work logically.  If it perceives a situation as threatening  based on a  previous experience it will still send out the fight or flight hormones around your body.  This happens whether the danger is real or imagined and/or the response is appropriate or not. 

The stress reaction can also occur if it appears to the subconscious mind  that you are experiencing a situation that is similar to the one it feels it must protect you from.

When people set new goals for themselves the goals typically make sense to them at the conscious logical level. However they are often not aligned with the perceptions of the subconscious mind. 

Don't forget, the subconscious mind learns from your earliest emotional experiences. You learn to interpret the world at an emotional level of a child.

Meanwhile, your conscious mind learns from analyzing experiences. It matures.  You learn to think differently about things, you aspire to different goals as you age.  Your values change.

This often leads to you setting new goals for yourself that might not have been important to your younger self.  However, your subconscious mind is running on belief programs typically installed when you were young.  Result, conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind.  You are literally of two minds as the saying goes.

When this situation arises, the subconscious mind tends to win out in the long run.

Most efforts, however admirable, at changing our habits or achieving big goals are doomed to failure if we do not get the subconscious mind on side with our goal.  Techniques that just address the rational part of a problem will often fail because of this.

Hypnosis is a:

  • Natural,
  • Effective, and
  • Safe

way of communicating with the subconscious mind. However, if we are carrying negative emotions associated with our goal then hypnosis or no hypnosis, it will be hard to get the attention of the subconscious mind on the goal we want to achieve. 

Sometimes I am sure you will have experienced that when someone is in a very emotional state you have to calm them down before they can even begin to hear you, let alone understand what you are saying to them.

This is where many well intentioned hypnosis and talking interventions  fail. Hypnosis sessions whether they be face to face or recorded, need to address the primary issue of releasing the emotions associated with the goal that remain stored in the body-mind system.Think of it as clearing the communication channels.

This is what the first R of the RRI System for Success stands for:

Release of stress hormones.  There are several techniques that the RRI System for Success will use for this first phase. They are gentle, effective, safe and easy to follow. Selection can depend on whether it is a recorded or one on one session and on the person who is being coached.

Now, with the release of stress hormones completed we are in a position to get the attention of the subconscious mind.  However, the reason that the unhelpful behaviours, physical responses or undesirable emotions could continue to be experienced after release of stress hormones is that their release into your body can become a learned response to situations you continue to encounter repeatedly in your daily or imaginary life. 

People will often experience emotional as well as physical relief after a skilled body massage.  However, they will typically need to go back again the following week because the tensions have built up again as the same triggers for stress remain.

This is where the second R of the RRI System for success comes in:

Removal of unhelpful beliefs.  It is our belief system that generates an emotional/stress response.  If our belief system is faulty, e.g You have the thought that I am not good enough, then stress and anxiety will continue to be experienced. Our subconscious mind will interpret our daily experience in ways to provide plenty of evidence that in its view supports the any beliefs we hold. 

We have to remove the faulty belief, which, as mentioned above, has often been installed while we were still very young and without our being aware of it.

The RRI System for Success always attends to the release of stress hormones and the removal of unrealistic and/or unhelpful hindering beliefs.  Again, there are a variety of tools we can use to achieve this goal in hypnosis.

Now, if we imagine our subconscious mind as a garden. The role of the RRI System for Success, is as a set of gardening tools that, when used with appropriate instructions, can clean out the weeds and plant and support the seeds that grow into new ways of being and experiencing life.

With release of stress hormones and the removal of hindering beliefs we have cleared the garden of weeds.  If we had tried to sow new seeds without this preparatory work then the growth of the seeds would have been easily choked off by the weeds. No sunlight or rain could have possibly got through them to nurture the seeds and they would have soon died off even if they had managed to germinate.

So now we come to the I of the RRI System for Success.

Installation of positive beliefs, behaviours and feelings.  

So often approaches to coaching people to success and health start seeding without attending to the weeding.  Now you can see why so many fail!  They never had a chance to succeed.  With this approach though you can now be guided to install the beliefs that will lead you to achieve your goal and enjoy better mental and physical health.

So there, in its bare bones, is the RRI System for Success:

  • Release stress hormones in order to get the attention of the subconscious mind on our goal,
  • Remove unhelpful, unrealistic beliefs to prevent the continual regeneration of undesired emotions and associated behaviors, and
  • Install positive, motivating beliefs, behaviours and feelings that carry us to success and good health!

The RRI System for Success has emerged from the thousands of hypnosis sessions given over years as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. Sessions used to coach people towards successfully achieving their goals, improving their health and enjoying life a whole lot more  I am happy to share it with you to help you on the the path to success and good health too. 

The RRI System for Success can be used by professional hypnotists conducting one on one sessions with clients or for creating customized hypnosis mp3s for clients such as yourself.

If you have not enjoyed success yet and are wondering if the RRI System for Success could help you, send me a message below and I will let you know.  I do read every message!

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