Decided to Quit Smoking Yet?

Have you really decided to quit smoking yet?

A smoker may feel she or he needs to or should quit smoking but until she or he wants to, and makes a decision to, nothing happens. We are all motivated by pleasure or pain. If you are serious about becoming a non-smoker now is the time to focus on the pleasures of being a non-smoker and to focus on the pain of smoking. This is not the time to think of all the things you love about smoking.


Feel the kind of pain that you need to quit smoking yet? OK, so may be you could use some help.

Find a sheet of paper and a pen. Now start making a list of what you hate about smoking. It is important to clearly identify all the reasons why you are about to quit smoking. The more reasons you have to quit smoking and the stronger they are, the better. Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Look it over and see which, if any, apply to you. Complete the list with your own reasons (this part is very important).

  • I hate it when my smoking causes other family members to get sick
  • I hate it when I spend more money on cigarettes in a week than on an evening out, new clothes or anything else I would like
  • I hate it when I feel lousy and I know that smoking is causing it
  • I hate it that I am becoming wrinkled and old looking before my time
  • I hate it that I get winded so easily and can not do any exercise
  • I hate it that smoking is endangering my health and shortening my life
  • I hate it when ashes drop onto or burn holes in my clothes or carpets
  • I hate it when my breath tastes of stale smoke
  • I hate it when I have to go outside and freeze because I can not smoke in the house/friend's apartment/office
  • I hate it when my life is controlled by when and where I can smoke, where I can sit, or how I travel
  • I hate it when friends do not go near me because I smell of stale smoke
  • I hate it when I get sick more often and the illness drags on
  • I hate it when my habit takes a top billing in the family budget

Now add any additional personal reasons why you hate smoking:

  • I hate smoking because.....................................
  • I hate smoking because......................................

Need more reasons? How about one of the following:

  • I've seen what suffering smoking can cause and I am not willing to die for a smoke
  • I am pregnant and do not want to increase risk of miscarriage or having a low birth weight baby
  • I do not want to set a bad example for my kids/students/patients etc.
  • Cancer runs in my family
  • I want to be in control of my life and my habits.

With your list in front of you you are in a much stronger position to make your decision to become a non-smoker.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA

Consulting Hypnotist

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