Change Your Eating Habits

Are you trying to loose weight but don't seem to be able to change your eating habits? The very habits that you know are causing you to keep the weight on.

The good news is that Hypnosis can making changing those habits a good deal easier, quicker and more effective than you probably thought possible.

Examples of bad eating habits include any of the following:

  • Being unaware that helping sizes are way bigger than what the body really needs;
  • Eating so fast that the “full” message from the stomach to the brain does not have time to kick in until they have already eaten too much;
  • Continuing to eat as much as when younger and more active; or
  • Eating and drinking foods and drinks that are composed of "empty" calories.

Stored Subconsciously

Habits are created and stored in our Subconscious Mind. Deciding to go on a diet by decision of our Conscious Mind alone is not going to change any subconsciously created and stored bad eating habit. Through Hypnosis you can address your Subconscious Mind directly to eliminate any unhealthy eating habits and to establish positive ones in their place. In Hypnosis you are doing the work where it is really needed; at the subconscious level. As much as you may now automatically pile the food on your plate or gulp it down, you can just as easily train your Subconscious Mind to automatically have you choose the smaller portion or eat more slowly with just as much satisfaction and as a matter of habit.

When you use Hypnosis to control your weight;

  • You are in control,
  • There are no expensive food supplements to keep buying
  • No calories to keep counting
  • You do not have to go on a "special" diet
  • You can change your whole attitude to eating in a very positive way
  • You will typically end up eating in healthier ways quite naturally

If you are ready to start lose weight enjoyably and reliably using hypnosis, check out the information and resources here.

With you on the path to health and success,

Stephen Gruber, MA
Consulting Hypnotist

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