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Do you need procrastination help? Are you wasting your time away thinking, worrying, about what you should do rather than taking action and doing what has to be done? You are not alone, many have this problem in life. And it is very unfortunate not only because of the wasted opportunities and time that such behaviour brings but because this behaviour can be changed using hypnosis.

You can develop a self hypnosis program to put a stop to this kind of self-defeating behaviour.


First, cultivate an attitude of enthusiasm for what you have to do. If you have trouble doing this for a particular task at hand then write down a list of at least 7 benefits that completing the task will bring into your life.

Start to ask yourself Why it is that you are wasting your time? Go into self hypnosis and pose yourself this question and then just pause and wait for your subconscious mind to give you an answer.

You may also pose the same question to yourself just as you are falling asleep at night. Don't think about what the answer may be, just ask your subconscious mind to give you one. It may come in a dream or just pop into your head over the next few days as one of those "ah ah" moments.

Wheel Spinning

Whenever you find your wheels spinning just take a few moments to calm down. Listen to your self hypnosis MP3 or use the "instant hypnosis" technique described in the previous edition of this bulletin.

Plan your day. Yes, make a to-do list and use it. Check off items one at a time as you accomplish them. This way you give yourself focus and direction. Make sure you have a goal list for the week, month and year ahead. Develop this goal list over the next little while for the different areas of your life. For example: Health, career, financial, relationships, and spiritual life. Without a goal or goals, you will be getting know where.

Associate with active productive positive people. No need to hang out with the complainers, avoid them, they will only sabotage your efforts. Remove the clutter and other items that can distract you and waste your precious time. Go for simple and clean.

Self Hypnosis

Use self hypnosis each day to reinforce all the positive changes you are making in your life by becoming someone who takes action. Suggest to yourself in hypnosis that you are proactive in your life; that your goals are important to you; that you deserve to be happy; no one else has your talents in life but you; the world does need you to take action.

Visualize yourself, when in self hypnosis, as being passionate and intense, believing in your dreams and bringing them to life. Imagine your dream as being true.

Nothing to hold you back now. You've got the procrastination help you need right here. Make that plan. Remember, the thought is always more overwhelming than the task. How many times have you said that to yourself once you have actually done something that you procrastinated about for so long? Learn from that experience!

Here's to your success,

Stephen Gruber
Consulting Hypnotist,

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