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For some people the fastest solution to making a positive change in their life will be to work with a Consulting Hypnotist. This is particularly true if they need to release a deeply held subconscious "block."

However, as so many have learned to their ever-lasting relief, much success can be gained from the use of competently crafted self-help hypnosis recordings.

Benefits Of Using Hypnosis Recordings

More and more people are using trusted self help hypnosis recordings now because:

  • You get to discover the power of hypnosis in a very pleasant, risk free and inexpensive way,
  • Every hypnosis session is scheduled for the time that suits you best,
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  • The hypnosis session is always held where you want it; be it in the comfort of your own home or during a break at work, etc.
  • You enjoy as many hypnosis sessions as you need at no extra cost,
  • You experience a very beneficial health promoting period of deep relaxation daily. Something that everyone needs but so few of us have access to,
  • You can reinforce the benefits of any one-on-one hypnosis sessions you may have had by using the recordings,
  • Self-help Hypnosis recordings make a very thoughtful gift for someone you care about.

Will the Recordings Work for Everyone?

self-hypnosis mp3s Despite what's implied on some of the "ultra-commercial" hypnosis sites, you do have to meet certain conditions for the recordings to work successfully. This of course is no different than if you came to see me for hypnosis in my office.

If you meet the following conditions then you are a strong candidate for success using professionally designed self-help hypnosis recordings:
  1. You must truly want the change for your own reasons; it's no good using the recording just to please someone else in your life,

  2. You need to make the initial effort towards the change.
    However, positive change often comes much faster and easier than many people ever imagined possible.

  3. To gain the full benefit from the recordings make sure you use them daily for a couple of weeks. If you want to truly make the change you will find the few relaxing minutes needed each day. If you think you can't, then seriously question yourself as to how committed you are to making the change in the first place.


Here is a list of links to a valuable collection of professional hypnosis recordings that I have selected for you. The investment is very reasonable and the reward for using them immeasurable in many cases.

If you want to work on other issues than those listed above then go here to select from a list of 500+ safe and very effective hypnosis session downloads.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal

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