Dealing With Distractions
In Self Hypnosis

Some people starting out with self hypnosis will ask me how to best deal with distractions in their environment. Often there might be the sound of buses going by, someone hammering, or people talking perhaps just when you want to do your daily session. None of these, or any other thing going on where you are doing your self hypnosis, has to distract you from your practice. In fact, they can help you enter into an even deeper state of hypnosis.

All you have to do is to approach the situation with an an "accepting" state of mind. This approach is very helpful for when we want to do any kind of transformational work. And how do you adopt and develop this accepting state of mind? Couldn't be easier.

First, accept the fact that there is a dog barking or carpenters hammering or whatever is going on in your environment. You can not control it, the dog is barking. Now if you consider the barking sound to be bad, thinking it is an annoyance, then it will indeed be detrimental to your hypnosis session.

However, recalling the rule that, "what the mind expects tends to be realized" you can easily turn this, or any other potential distractions, to your advantage. The best thing to do is to tell your mind that the sound will help you go deeper. Try it. It really works in a very powerful way.

You can go a step further and use this same basic approach for anything that could be potentially distracting. For example, you could tell your mind as you enter into self hypnosis that everything you feel, hear, smell, think or imagine on any level is just going to help you go deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation and peace. Now there are no distractions, only aids to you going deeper into hypnosis.

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With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA

Consulting Hypnotist

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