How to Eat and Lose Weight
at the Same Time

Losing weight can be surprisingly simple. The best part is you can eat and lose weight at the same time. No need to starve yourself in order to shed those pounds.

One of the best things you can do when wanting to lose weight is to eat real food. Make eating real food in its natural nutritious form part of your lifestyle and leave those salty, sugary processed foods full of empty calories behind.

There is no need to follow a specific diet. In fact, forget about all those different diets you have been on and off for years trying to shed those pounds.

Food and the nutrients it provides us with are essential to our well being. The bottom line is that if you make eating the right foods part of your lifestyle you will lose the weight you want to. There is no reason you should feel hungry or that you are being deprived of food when losing weight.

Starving Yourself Not the Answer

Starving yourself is actually one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight. People who skip breakfast and other meals will often end up gaining weight, not to mention the fact they aren’t getting all the necessary nutrients.

When you starve yourself to lose weight you are much more likely to binge than when you eat regularly. When you binge you usually end up eating unhealthy food and more of it as you end up so hungry you just eat anything that is available.

It is much better to train your mind to help you eat when you actually feel hungry.  Then eat foods that keep you satisfied for longer so you eat less at your next meal.

Bring fruit and nuts with you to work, eat a salad everyday. These are all easy things you can eat that are healthy and will help you lose weight.

8 Eating to Slim Tips

Print out the summary below of these effective slimming food tips that you can use to help you eat well and start losing weight right now.

  • Eat more vegetables, a lot more,
  • Include a variety of fruits in your diet,
  • Reduce the amount of meat and cheese you eat per week,
  • Reduce processed foods consumed,
  • Reduce consumption of refined sugar,
  • Eat more whole grains (ex. brown rice, whole grain bread,whole wheat pasta etc.),
  • Minimize refined grains (ex. white bread),
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.

Start using them now and you can eat enough to feel satisfied and yet lose the weight you want. However, making the changes can always be a challenge even if you want to lose weight. That's because your subconscious mind prefers to hang on to the old ways of doing things even if your conscious mind wants to make a change.

That's where using Hypnosis comes into your weight loss plan. Hypnosis allows you to communicate the changes you want directly to your subconscious mind and bring it on side. It's a pleasant and effective way of changing your relationship with food.

Check out the help available here if you are ready to start using hypnosis to enjoyably and effectively help you lose weight and keep it off.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber, MA
Consulting Hypnotist,

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