Hypnosis For Sleep

For those times when you've just has a long hard day. You know, the work deadline was just moved up to yesterday, your child's teacher just called again to complain about their behavior in the classroom and to cap it all the Smiths are coming for dinner. You owe them 3 dinners already and you know what big foodies they are.

You lie in bed and close your eyes but your mind will just not stop chattering. You know you need your sleep, you want to sleep but the more you try to sleep the further it slips away from you.

Well, we all have days like this from time to time. And, the basic self hypnosis induction you have learned from free Learn Self Hypnosis mp3 will help you ease the transition from restlessness to sleep.

Hypnosis and sleep patterns

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But what about when you insomnia starts to become the norm rather than an occasional experience?

People can have different experiences regarding sleeplessness: For example, some may

  • Have difficulty getting to sleep each night,
  • Others get to sleep, then wake up in the small hours unable to return to sleep, or
  • Sleep off and on for only what seems a few minutes at a time and wake in the morning still feeling very tired.

Well hypnosis will still be the answer in any of these situations but it will be much more effective if you first review your specific sleep patterns.

You need to review your:

  • Sleep environment
  • Physical state, and
  • Sleepy time monologues!

Sleep hypnosis questions

First your sleep environment:

It must invite sleep. No extremes of temperature, Identify anything that may distract you from sleep, For example, too much/too little light, a TV that remains on etc. and attend to them.

Next your physical state:

  • Do you have a condition that requires medical attention or professional counseling? For example, alcohol or chemical dependency, chronic depression, sleep apnea, etc. Any of these types of conditions must be attended to prior to using hypnosis.
  • Are you consuming too many stimulants such as coffee, tea or soft drinks?
  • Are you taking a nap during the day?
  • Do you participate in stimulating mental or physical activity before bedtime?
  • Are you associating your bed as an activity center. A place to write reports, grade papers or review your retirement plan?

If any of these apply to you, you will need to take the appropriate action to fix them.

As for your sleepy time monologues:

Identify which of the following applies to you;

  • You are a Clock Watcher: Oh no, it's 2.30 am and I've been in bed since 10.00 pm and not slept a wink!What can I do? I won't be able to function tomorrow. And now it's three am. Only four hours to go before I have to get up. I'll never get by on that little sleep.
  • You area Doomsayer: I can't possibly sleep, everything is a mess these days. Nothing seems to work for me. Now I can”t even manage to go to sleep. Life is just one bad thing after another, I'll never enjoy my life. Now I have one other thing to punish me; insomnia.
  • You are a Fixer: I have to figure out a way to make this work. It's up to me to find a way out of this problem. How am I ever going to make this happen?

Hypnosis sleep suggestions

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If you're a Clock Watcher, enter into self hypnosis and give yourself permission to rest while awake. You might suggest to yourself – Time is unimportant and I am resting as my mind floats. Resting puts my mnid and body at ease.

The Doomsayer can use hypnosis to replace the negative with the positive. You might suggest to yourself that Several good things have happened to me today. More positive things will happen tomorrow.

If you are a Fixer you could helpfully suggest to yourself that I will put away my problems at night. I will deal with them at a better time.

Now, identify what kind of sleep problem you are having and develop an appropriate suggestion to resolve it using your self hypnosis skill. Sleepless nights can soon be a thing of the past for everyone when you learn to use hypnosis effectively.

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