The Trouble with Diets

Have you found that no matter how many diets you have gone on you still have not got your weight under control?

It is not news to most people that there is something spectacularly unsuccessful with using the diet* approach to reducing our weight and keeping it off permanently. You go on a diet, lose some weight and before you know it you are off the diet and have put all the weight back on and then some more.

The problem for many is not knowing of a successful alternative to the diet approach to weight control.

Discover here:

  • Why diets for weight loss don't work,
  • How diets can actually work against our weight control goals,
  • What you can do about it.

Why Diets Don't Work

Of course we all know the initial excitement of going on a diet (just about any type of diet that is). At first it does seem to work.

Most diets are based on restricting calorie intake in one way or another. Initially our enthusiasm helps us to stick with it for two or three weeks, sometimes even longer depending on individual factors. Meanwhile, many diets also contribute to an initial water loss from the body. Put this together and the scales often do reflect a weight loss in those first few weeks of dieting. But then the problems set in.

Do we imagine we are really going to live on this diet forever? Not really; our mind typically thinks along the lines of "Well I will just lose the weight I want then go back to normal eating." Well of course it was our "normal" way of eating that got us into trouble in the first place.

There are several other very sound reasons why all diets generally speaking fail in controlling our weight in the long run. Consider the following for example:

  • Diets focus all of your attention on food and eating just when you are trying your best not to be thinking about food all day long,
  • Sticking to a diet creates additional stress in your life, and for many people their reaction to stress is to eat more,
  • It's very easy to get bored of being on a diet,
  • Your body is naturally designed to protect you from starvation. It does this by storing as much fat as it can whenever it notes that you are restricting your intake of calories,
  • Often you will feel deprived of a pleasure when on a diet,
  • Dieting lowers your body metabolism enabling you to store fat more easily,
  • It is often hard to fit in your special eating needs with those of family and friends who are not on your diet,
  • Low calorie diets cause you to lose fat and muscle in the same proportion but when you gain the weight back it is all in fat.
  • Many diets require you to buy special, and often expensive, foods and supplements.

Once one or more of these factors kick in you are off the diet and back comes the weight - until of course you try the next miracle diet.

What does Work?

The good news is that Hypnosis can put an end to this frustrating and depressing diet cycle.

"Studies reported in 1986 in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology showed hypnosis to be an effective tool in losing weight and keeping it off."
- Cox News Service, 1/02

When you use Hypnosis to control your weight instead of another diet;

  • You are in control,
  • There are no expensive food supplements to keep buying
  • No calories to keep counting
  • You do not have to go on a "special" diet
  • You can change your whole attitude to eating in a very positive and permanent way
  • You will typically end up eating in healthier ways quite naturally

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* The term "Diet" as used in this article does not refer to attempts to lower fat, sugar, salt, or cholesterol intake, increase fibre intake, exercise or pursue a medically mandated nutritional regimen prescribed for specific medical conditions.

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