Hypnosis and Children Research Articles

There has been an acceleration of research articles on the use of hypnosis with children over recent decades. This page will direct you to some of that research.

Review of Hypnosis for Children Research

This article provides credence to the benefits of using hypnosis with children under the right circumstances. It lists examples of issues that the tool of hypnosis is being used for and provides several case examples of what is possible to achieve with children using hypnosis. Interestingly it also provides a brief history of how hypnosis has been used with children along with a digest of published laboratory and clinical research that has increased significantly over the past two decades.

Clinical Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents—What? Why? How?: Origins, Applications, and Efficacy.  Daniel P. Kohen and Pamela Kaiser. Daniel P. Kohen and Pamela Kaiser
Children 2014, 1, 74-98; doi:10.3390/children1020074

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