IBS and Emotional Issues

Let's be clear that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not caused by emotional issues (see here for more on cause of IBS . However, IBS and emotional issues after often linked. They can play a prominent role in an IBS sufferer's life and trigger or exacerbate symptoms.

Many IBS sufferers may have experienced a lot of fear, loss of hope, and humiliation, sometimes from doctors and even well meaning friends and family. Doctors may have told them that it is "all in their head," "that there is nothing that can be done about it." Friends and family may have admonished them for faking it or obsessing too much about "their problem." Hypnotherapy is an equally effective tool to address these issues as it the IBS symptoms themselves.

For many, stress, again while not causing IBS, is also factor that can trigger or exasperate IBS symptoms. One of the most well know and earliest uses of modern Hypnosis is to teach people how to quickly and easily manage their stress (see the Stress and Hypnosis page on this web site for more information on this).

A well designed Hypnotherapeutic process can effectively address any emotional issue such as a sense of hopelessness, fears, guilt or anger that a sufferer may be experiencing. In fact, this should be an important part of any Hypnotherapeutic intervention for IBS.

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