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Karinna Najera
Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Sleep and more.

Ottawa Hypnotist Karinna Najera. Weight loss, stop smoking, sleep, stress.Ottawa Hypnotherapist Karinna Najera

Hypnosis for depression, anxiety, sleep, irrational fears, and more is available in Ottawa.  Find out in this interview how Hypnotherapist Karinna Najera is helping people in Ottawa.  Also discover her interesting story of how she personally so helped herself using a simple form of self-hypnosis that she ended up making hypnosis her career choice.

Karinna, could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers please

Hello Stephen. It is a pleasure to answer your questions and share with you a little about myself. At the moment I live in Ottawa, Ontario where I work as a Hypnotherapist and Transformative Coach. Officially, I have been working in the field of Clinical Hypnosis since 2008.

What first attracted you to a career in Hypnosis?

I have always been interested in how the human mind works and all that we still don’t understand about the complexities of this part of us. Before I ventured into the field of Clinical Hypnosis, I worked for over a decade in the mental health field at the community level. As my personal library will attest, I am an avid reader of material related to the mind and the brain and spirit.

I became aware of NLP around 2003.This was my first step towards the world of Clinical Hypnosis. But I must say that my life was completely changed one day, while roaming the isles of a bookstore. I came across “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. And like they say Stephen, the rest is history.

Dr. Murphy’s book was so revolutionary to me; I decided to put into practice the basic techniques he described in his book.

Karinna, I know that you have benefited personally from hypnosis for the birth of your second child. Could you tell us a little about the role hypnosis played in that experience?

The birthing experienced of my first child was not at all what I expected. A scheduled C-section left me feeling robbed from what I thought a birthing experience should be like. By the time I became pregnant with my second child I had made up my mind that this time around birthing would be different.

Without formal training and only the information on Dr. Murphy’s book I created visualizations and affirmations for myself. I focused on how the birth of my second baby would be like. I programed myself with how long the process would take, how I would push my baby into the world, my state of mind, etc. My goal was to have a natural birth, with absolutely no pain killers and in a manageable period of time.

When the day came, my Midwife was there to support me. The birth of my baby was exactly the length of time I had programed into my mind. The duration of the third phase and the way my baby came out into the world was exactly how I had visualized and programed it. I was able to stand the discomfort of birth with ease and did it all 100% naturally.

After that experience, I became a believer and an advocate of self-hypnosis for health related goals and challenges.

Have you experienced any other personal benefits from using hypnosis for yourself that you would care to share with our readers?

Stephen I have experienced countless benefits from using Self Hypnosis. However, I particularly enjoy using self-hypnosis to work with goal setting and achievement. I use that mental space to access a vast well of wisdom and map out future endeavours from that point. At times, when I need calming and re assuring, I tap into a deep subconscious space to connect with the strength and courage I need. As any good Hypnotherapist, Stephen, I’m very careful of how I speak to myself. I know, my subconscious is always listening. I practice self-hypnosis every single day.

What was the most helpful training you experienced to become a hypnotist?  What made it helpful?

All training has been helpful Stephen, but I would say that the most profound training I’ve had so far, is Inner Child Work. I find Inner Child Work beautifully profound and powerful. I help clients heal deep wounds they wouldn’t have been able to heal otherwise.

I also enjoy Parts Therapy Work. This particular approach helps clients understand themselves better and helps them feel safe enough to look at their “not so nice” parts with compassion and understanding. It is beautiful work to help heal that which we feel is incomplete.

What issues do your clients typically come to you for help with? Do you specialize in helping people with certain issues?

I would say that the largest number of clients see me for anxiety related challenges, depression, and those looking for personal growth by accessing the richness of their mind and spirit. The second largest number of clients that work with me are phobia or fear related, as well as compulsive behaviours.

Do you find any particular phase of your hypnosis work to be of special interest to you?

Yes, I particularly enjoy one on one and group sessions.

What is the most frequent misunderstanding about hypnosis that you encounter with clients or the public?

Oh, such a good question! I find there are 2 prevalent misunderstandings with clients.

  • 1-One misunderstood aspect of Clinical Hypnosis is what happens when a person is the hypnotic state. Many people believe the Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist “controls” their mind and makes them loose their mental faculties. This belief, of course, is not only false, it is disempowering to clients.
  • 2-The second misunderstood aspect of Clinical Hypnosis is that the Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist can “cure or fix all” in just one session.

As we both know, Hypnosis as a healing and helping modality has existed for hundreds of years now. However, it is more widely known and accepted in some areas than in others. How would you rate the public acceptance of hypnosis/hypnotherapy in your region?

Absolutely true Stephen, Hypnotherapy is more widely accepted in some areas of the world than others. I would say that sadly, Ottawa is on the extremely conservative side. Most people living in this region do not understand or know of the incredible benefits of Hypnosis.

What would your favourite book on hypnosis be that you would recommend to others?

I love books and the richness in them, so I can’t just narrow it down to one book. I always recommend 3 books for beginners, 1-The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. 2- Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony and 3-Total Self Confidence by Dr. Robert Anthony.

Is there anything else that you would like to expand upon or add that we have not covered?

It is my greatest wish that our profession will one day (during my life time) be respected and understood the way other healing professions are. As Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists, we all need to do our part, to be the best we can be, get adequate training, know our limitations as practitioners and proudly unite and represent our field in the healing community.

Thank you Stephen for doing such wonderful work in Canada!

Thank you Karinna, it has been a pleasure talking with you.

Karinna  has her web site at www.focusingonchange.com

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