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We are pleased to introduce you to Vance Larson, Annapolis Maryland Hypnotist and Life Coach. Here you can get to know more about Vance and his hypnosis practice.  Also, discover how he can help you move forward in your life goals. 

Vance's website can be found at www. MaryLandLifeCoaching.com and you can get directly in contact with Vance at the bottom of this page with any questions or for information on appointments with him.

Vance, Can you start by telling us about the kind of people you are working with.

The vast majority of my clients reach out to me because they feel they are lacking in life. That somehow they are off balance in their relationships, career, health or spiritual life. When any one of these is true, the struggle weighs you down and your life lacks enjoyment and meaning. If this sounds like you, please continue reading.

And in broad terms, how do you go about working with your clients?

When you decide to partner with me, you will receive concierge treatment. I will come and work with you in your space and on your time. By working on your process in your environment, I have found my clients enjoy greater results. And for my out of state clients, phone coaching is available as well.

We start by defining the problem. Then we layout a plan with action items. Depending on your needs, I can offer 24/7 support. In addition to being a Life Coach, I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed Chaplain. My clients appreciate my laid back, yet goal oriented approach. And for those clients experiencing a life changing event, I can offer a spiritual component to help ease their transition.

What are the typical backgrounds of clients you work with?

I have worked with clients from all walks of life. From professional athletes, students, stay at home parents, executives to the critically ill and dying. I cannot promise that I have all the answers. But I can promise to support, guide and meet you on your level.

Can you tell us a little about your training in hypnosis and allied fields and how long you have been a hypnotist?

I hold degrees in Transformational Counseling and Divinity, and I am currently a member of the International Christian Coaching Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, International Association of Peer Supporters, American Association of Christian Counselors -Addictions & Recovery Division and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

I have worked in the mental health field for almost 30 years on both the local and national level. I have been a certified Hypnotist for 20 years.

Vance, can you tell us what attracted you to work with Hypnosis in the first place?

I wanted to have more tools that would help my clients achieve their goals. When I found certain clients could not go any further, I turned to hypnosis to help them relax and release.

I found hypnosis to be a wonderful addition to my practice.

Have you experienced any personal benefits from using hypnosis for yourself that you would care to share with our readers?

Yes, I often use self-hypnosis in conjunction with meditation to help me stay focused and work towards my own goals. I also enjoy the relaxation component.

What was the most helpful training you experienced to become a hypnotist?

It would have to be PTSD and addictions. Although I carry many different hypnosis certifications, I have found these two areas helped me develop as a hypnotherapist.

Do you specialize in helping people with certain issues?

I almost always use Life Coaching alongside hypnosis. Most clients come to see me for weight loss, smoking cessation and general relaxation. I hate to use the word specialize, but I do carry certifications in the above mentioned, as well as hypno-childbirthing, cancer and addictions.

Is there an aspect of your work that is of special interest to you?

I most enjoy working one on one and building a rapport. I feel building a relationship not only helps the client, but it allows me {because of the trust factor} to help the client go deeper, rather than a one time session client.

What is the most frequent misunderstanding about hypnosis that you encounter with clients or the public?

The biggest misunderstanding I get all the time is that the client is going to lose control, and that often scares them. It is for this reason that I use Life Coaching to help build the client hypnotist relationship, as well as explain the hypnosis process.

As we both know, Hypnosis as a healing and helping modality has existed for hundreds of years now. However, it is more widely known and more accepted in some areas more than others. How would you rate the public acceptance of hypnosis/hypnotherapy Annapolis, Maryland?

Overall hypnosis is generally accepted in my region. It also helps that I work alongside of both medical doctors and therapist that often recommend clients to me. This helps with public perception.

Thank you Vance for letting us get to know more about you and your hypnosis work in Annapolis.  Is there anything else that you would like to mention that we did not covered?

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and has proven to get many people results. Working with a certified hypnotherapist is a great way to help get you back on track and take control over your life.

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