Approach to IBS

We know from research that the following Hypnotherapeutic approach to IBS brings a high success rate for sufferer's attempting to bring their symptoms under control:

  • Clients understand it is a process that empowers them to become instrumental in their own healing. It is not a quick fix or something that is going to be "done" to them. They are full and active participants in the healing process.
  • Positive changes will most likely be noticed after the first or second session. However, for maximum benefit a minimum of six to 12 sessions are required.
  • Sessions are most effective when spaced at two week intervals
  • It is key that clients carry out their homework. This includes: Listening to a reinforcement CD (about 20 minutes) each day, Tracking their symptom levels and food eaten in relation to symptoms.
  • Gut directed hypnotherapy is critical for re-educating gut activity. Additional hypnotherapeutic approaches are employed as determined by individual client need.
  • Hypnotherapy is initially used as compliment to medicinal and dietary approaches. Clients must continue under the care of their physician and adjust any medication as their symptoms come under control only under their doctor's supervision.

Following these tested components of a hypnotherapeutic approach leads to an over 80% documented long-term success rate for complete, or significant improvement, in symptom control. You may read more about Hypnosis and IBS here.

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