Hypnosis for Weight Control

This Hypnosis for Weight Control information is for you if you need;

  • To lose plenty of weight
  • To lose those last 10 pounds
  • Motivation to stick to your particular weight-loss program
  • Help to maintain your weight-loss
  • Motivation to stick to your exercise program

If you want to:

  • Create healthy eating patterns,
  • Avoid excess calories without relying on willpower or having to count them,
  • Automatically stick to your exercise plan,
  • Choose your own eating plan and follow it with ease,
  • Keep the weight off,
  • Find the best weight-loss program,

then the Hypnosis for Weight Loss information on this page is also for you.

"With weight loss the evidence is conclusive...hypnosis does help people reduce."
Smithsonian Magazine, 3/99

Most of us know the story all too well of trying to control our weight with on again/off again dieting. No sooner have we just lost some weight with the latest diet than we start putting it back on. A year later (or less) we are back to where we started or worse.

Diets Don't Work

The fact is diets don't work to permanently maintain your ideal body weight. I learned this from personal experience, let alone all the research results that show it!

Why don't diets work? There are several very good reasons:

  • Diets focus all your attention on food and eating just when you are trying to not to think about food;
  • Diets create stress and as we shall see later, stress creates the compulsion to eat;
  • It's easy to get bored of a diet;
  • Your body is naturally designed to protect you from starvation by storing fat when it’s being restricted from food; and
  • Diets lower your metabolism, enabling you to store fat more easily.

Diets can be the cause of a long-term weight control problem rather that a solution to it. In fact, it is quite normal not to be able to lose weight permanently by going on yet another diet.

Some of us never even make it to the stage of losing much weight while we're on a diet. Sometimes it just seems that we have no control over how much, how often and what we eat as chocoholics will attest.

You Can Succeed

Take heart! Hypnosis will help you with what sometimes can seem the impossible challenge of weight loss. Here you will learn how you can use Hypnosis to finally lose the weight you want and to keep it off permanently.

First, it is helpful to first understand why so many people have succeeded using hypnosis for weight loss when everything else has failed them. As noted, I speak from personal experience being comfortably four waist sizes off my largest for several years and someone who exercises at least five times a week now thanks to hypnosis.

"Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight."
Harvard Medical School psychotherapist Jean Fain
                                                                                    -Oprah Magazine, 8/04

Why Hypnosis Works

We all know how to lose weight right? Eat less and exercise more! This may be factually correct but why do we have so much trouble doing it?

As rational beings all we should have to do is make the decision in our Conscious Mind to eat less and exercise more and all would be well. Of course we also all know that it is not quite so straight forward as that. There is a lot more going on in our minds when it comes to weight loss than just what we are consciously aware of.

The "what else" that is going on is the negative programming stored in our Subconscious Mind that works against our conscious efforts to lose the weight and keep it off. (Learn more about negative mind programming here).

The Emotional Trap

Most people who are naturally slim see food only as fuel for the body, which in essence is all it is. Most overweight people react to food differently. They almost all eat for reasons other than in response to hunger sensations.

Many have an “emotional response” to food. This can be experienced in two ways:

  • Using food to cope with emotional problems
  • Forming an emotional attachment to food

These are two key reasons as we shall see, why hypnosis is so powerful when it comes to weight loss.

Food as a coping mechanism

Sometimes we can find ourselves doing "too much" of something e.g. too much work, shopping, smoking, gambling, or eating, etc. When this this happens it's a good bet that it 's an attempt to distract ourselves from an emotional feeling we have but don't want to think about.

What might these emotional feelings be? We could be feeling bored, angry, sad, stressed, or frustrated for example. We typically might not even be consciously aware of the feeling that we're distracting ourselves from or know what to do about it if we are

Never-the-less, for many, eating is a common way of temporarily distracting ourselves from something we may be feeling.

"When you are overweight, there is a conflict between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind.  The Conscious Mind says, "I know I want to lose weight,'" He said.  However, the Subconscious Mind tosses up roadblocks such as emotional eating.  Hypnosis can help get the two parts of the mind together."
Philip Shenefelt  Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida
                                                                                          Tampa Tribune, 8/04

Only Temporary

The word "temporarily" is emphasized, because of course the only feeling that eating can really satisfy is that of physical hunger. It will not, can not, permanently take away any other feeling that we may be experiencing. Once the over-eating is finished, you are still left with the emotional feeling that your were distracting yourself from before you started eating.

You can go on all the fad diets you like, but if you are using eating as a way to distract yourself from your emotions, you will never achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. You will be condemned to experiencing your relationship to food as a perpetual struggle. A struggle that you are doomed to loose armed only with the will power of your Conscious Mind.

How Do You Know?

How might you know if you are using food as an emotional coping mechanism? Well, as noted, eating can remove only one feeling – the physical awareness of hunger. How do you know when you are truly hungry? As strange as it may sound, most people reading this in N. America or Europe will typically not often have known real hunger sensations.

Take this test next time you start to think you are feeling hungry. Ask yourself where the hunger sensation is coming from in your body? Most people will point to the area around their tummy button or lower if asked this question.

The feeling of hunger comes of course from our stomach. However, this is located much higher up in our body than most people realize; under the lower left rib cage. If the feeling is not from there then it is not hunger that you are really feeling. Using Hypnosis for weight loss allows us to start responding only to real hunger signals, not the false ones.

"Imagine that when you eat, you feel satisfied sooner and therefore lose weight more rapidly."
Consumer Reports on Health, 2/04

Emotional attachment to food

There is another aspect of our emotional life that can cause us to overeat and wreck any long term result of going on a diet. This is when we form an emotional attachment to food.

A simple but all too common example of this is the person who, as a child, was always urged to “clean her plate” to please Mom. You do not have to have a Ph.D. in Psychology to see how a child’s mind soon links cleaning her plate to the pleasing feeling of gaining Mom’s love and approval.

And so in this case the child is conditioned to eat to gain a feeling of love and/or approval and not because she or he is hungry. As an adult this plays out as a mis-programmed Subconscious Mind driving us to eat to experience the feeling of being loved and approved off, not to satisfy hunger.

Of course, we know that eating can not really satisfy any other need than hunger. Thus, when we have finished eating - the need we were trying to satisfy, say the need for love, is still there loud and strong. Guess what our response is? You've got it - start eating again!

"Studies reported in 1986 in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology showed hypnosis to be an effective tool in losing weight and keeping it off."
                           - Cox News Service, 1/02

Other Emotional Attachments

Common attachments that Hypnotherapists often see their weight loss clients associating with food include the need for a reward, love or company. In our culture we typically celebrate a success by going out to dinner, express love by giving a box of chocolates, meet our need for company by having people over to dinner etc.

I am not suggesting any of this is wrong – I love cooking and having family and friends over! But rewarding ourselves on a daily basis (or more often) with food treats, or trips to the refrigerator when we feel lonely or unloved only leads to real trouble at the scales.

The mis-programmed emotional attachments we may have made with food are created and stored in our Subconscious Mind. Hypnosis is the most effective tool we have to re-program our Subconscious Mind. It can address the emotional attachment problem in an effective and quick way.

Under Daily Attack

Anyone who watches television or reads a magazine realizes the daily bombardment our Subconscious Minds are under to establish a link between a food product and our emotions.

Food manufactures are very aware of how powerful an influence it is to link a product to an emotional response in our mind in order to get us to buy their products. That's why they spend billions of dollars to do it each year!

To maintain our ideal body weight we need a mental vaccination to protect us from the effect of the non-stop flow of messages.

Fight fire with fire. In Hypnosis we communicate directly with our Subconscious Mind. Through Hypnosis we can build an automatic protection against the "stealth" messages of the advertising industry that can so easily wreck our weight loss plans. This is much better than having an advertiser shape your response or a childhood experience.

"Can hypnosis help you lose weight? I'm 32 pounds lighter."
Ira Allen, Center for the Advancement of Health
                                                                                         Washingtonian, 3/02


The role of emotional factors in over-eating is often a revelation to many people. People experience a wonderful sense of deep relief and sense of control once they empower themselves to take charge of their emotional response to food through Hypnotherapy.

There are two other things to note:

  • Hypnotherapy is not Psychotherapy ("talk" therapy, using the Conscious Mind). Changing your emotional response to food will require initial action on your part. However, it will not take years of effort or pain to get at the issue.
  • Correcting the emotional reasons why we are overweight will not be achieved by going on another diet or just applying another ounce of will power.

The Habit Trap

Another common reason some people are overweight is that they are unaware that they have unhealthy or bad eating habits. For example these could include any of the following:

  • Being unaware that their helping sizes are way bigger than what their body really needs;
  • Eating so fast that the “full” message from the stomach to the brain does not have time to kick in until they have already eaten too much;
  • Continuing to eat as much as they did when they were younger and more active; or
  • Not realizing so much of what they are eating and drinking are just empty calories.

Stored Subconsciously

Habits, like emotions, are also created and stored in our Subconscious Mind. Deciding to go on a diet by decision of our Conscious Mind alone is not going to change any subconsciously created and stored bad eating habits.

Through Hypnotherapy you can address your Subconscious Mind directly and change the unhealthy habit and establish positive ones.

In Hypnotherapy you are doing the work where it is really needed; at the subconscious level. As much as you may now automatically pile the food on your plate or gulp it down, you can just as easily train your Subconscious Mind to automatically take the smaller portion or eat slowly with just as much satisfaction and as a matter of habit.


So, in summary;

  • Fad  diets do not work in the long-term

 Overweight is usually caused by one or more of the following:

  • Using food as a coping strategy to distract ourselves from other feelings we may be experiencing,
  • A mis-programmed emotional attachment to food in our Subconscious Mind,
  • The effects of continual exposure to food advertising campaigns
  • Bad eating habits stored in our Subconscious Mind.

Putting Hypnosis to work for you

There are several paths that can all lead you to successfully achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. Your Hypnosis for weight loss options include:

  • Taking personal Hypnotherapy Sessions for weight control.
  • Learn Self-hypnosis: by yourself or in a group Discover more here about learning self-hypnosis for free.

If not now -when?

If not here - where?

If not now -when?

If not here - where?