IBS hypnosis service in Montreal

Hypnotherapy has proved to be one of the most successful long-term approaches to controlling IBS symptoms. You may view the IBS and Hypnosis main page for more detailed information and the Hypnosis and IBS research page to learn more about the published clinical trial results relating to the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy for IBS.

Hypnotherapy sessions for IBS are offered out of my office at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal in accordance with a tested Hypnotherapy approach.

Dear Stephen,

I am writing this letter a month or so after I have completed your IBS program. I am happy to inform you that I have been doing very well. The difference between before I started the program and now is very significant. The bouts of IBS and their severity have dramatically decreased. Working with you has really changed my life. I am still working with the CD that you left me so that I can improve still. I am no longer bound to my apartment, I now have the confidence and freedom to leave my house in the mornings and not worry about getting an IBS attack. The social events still pose a small challenge but I am working on them, however, this too has dramatically improved compared to before.

I give you permission to show this feedback so that others may also benefit from the life changing IBS program that you offer.

I highly recommend that anybody that suffers from IBS give Hypnosis a try, it really does work!


Sergio Di Paola

You may take a virtual tour of my office.

You can also find directions to my office and a location map on these pages.

You may request more information or an appointment here or by phoning me, Stephen Gruber, at (514) 484-7071.

All clients will need to have had a confirmed diagnosis of IBS from their doctor and the approval of their doctor to undertake the hypnotherapy. A letter requesting your doctor's approval for the Hypnotherapy sessions is available.

Please note: I will take on cases for whom all other treatments have failed and clients who have been told that there is nothing else that the traditional medical approach can do for them.

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