Emotional Eating and
Weight Control

Emotional eating and weight control go hand-in-hand. Here's what you need to know to start geting emotional eating under control before it wrecks your weight control efforts again.

If you are overeating the chances are that you relate to food differently from people who are naturally slim. Most people who are naturally slim see food only as fuel for the body, which in essence is all it is. It is very likely that you are overeating for reasons other than being hungry.

A major reason that drives many people to overeat is that they use food to deal with emotional issues, whether they are aware of them or not.

Read on to learn why so many people overeat in response to emotional issues and how you can overcome emotionally driven overeating.

Two Emotional Drivers

Those of us who overeat to deal with our emotions do so for two different reasons. We could either be;

  • >Using food to cope with our emotions (feelings that we have inside of us), or have
  • Formed an emotional attachment to food.
Food as a Coping Mechanism

Sometimes we can find ourselves doing "too much" of something. For example, too much work, too much shopping, too much smoking, too much gambling, or, you guessed it, too much eating. Whenever we find this happening it's a good bet that we are attempting to distract ourselves from an emotional feeling we have inside of us: An emotional feeling that we don't want, or know how, to deal with.

What might these emotional feelings be? Well, we could be feeling any emotion such as; bored, angry, sad, stressed, or frustrated for example. We typically might not even be consciously aware of the feeling that we're distracting ourselves from or know what to do about it if we are

Never-the-less, for many, overeating is a common way of temporarily distracting ourselves from something we may be feeling inside that we do not like or understand.

Temporary Distraction

The word "temporarily" is emphasized, because of course the only feeling that eating can really satisfy is that of physical hunger. It will not, can not, permanently take away any other feeling that we may be experiencing. Once the over-eating is finished, you are still left with the emotional feeling that you were trying to distract yourself from before you started eating in the first place.

You can go on all the fad diets you like but if you are using eating as a way to distract yourself from an emotion (feeling inside of you), you will never get your weight under control. You will be condemned to experiencing your relationship to food as a perpetual struggle. A struggle that you are doomed to loose armed only with the will power of your Conscious Mind.

Read on to learn how Emotional Attachments to Eating can drive our overeating and what can be done to prevent emotional issues blocking our weight control efforts.

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