The Stress Relief Technique

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Hypnosis works to relieve all kinds of stress. There is much evidence from scientific journals supports this fact.  Further, hypnosis safe, and can be easily and successfully  used in your own home or office

Both research and practice show that hypnosis stress management can:

  • rapidly improve your enjoyment of life,
  • make you much more productive and confident in yourself, and
  • improve, prevent or eliminate a wide range of health issues.

However, to get the full and lasting benefits of stress busting hypnosis, you need to go beyond just enjoying the standard hypnosis experience of profound relaxation.

With the free help given here you may learn the key steps of managing your stress with hypnosis easily and effectively.

Eliminate stress triggers with hypnosis

The stressful feelings and reactions you experience may be triggered by any one of, or several, situations that you face in life. You may also experience stress for no apparent reason at all. Your stress may seem to be triggered from:

  • events at work,
  • in the family,
  • at school,
  • by relationship issues, or
  • be a general sense of worrying and unease about anything and everything.

Stress reactions can range from a general sense of unease to full blown physical and emotional feelings of panic that many misinterpret as a heart attack.

Stress triggered by a genuinely life threatening situation is appropriate and can save your life. However, having successfully helped many people learn how to release their unnecessary or inappropriate stress reactions over the years, I can report that many, if not most, people's stress is driven by a few underlying perceptions about themselves and the way they see the world.

Hypnosis can change stressful perceptions

These self-perceptions, or beliefs, are stored in our subconscious mind.  They are typically developed as a result of early life experiences. This is a time when we do not have much experience of the world.  Therefore, as young people it is easy for us to misinterpret the significance of what is happening to us at that time.

Not everyone is necessarily aware of carrying all or some of these beliefs (they are stored subconsciously after all) but they remain just as stress inducing nonetheless.

Here are the key beliefs working to keep you feeling stressed out and unable to relax:

  • That things will rarely, if ever, work out for the best for you even if you have made your best conscious effort to be to be positive in the face of adversity,
  • That you are some how not good enough, intelligent enough, or attractive enough etc. to succeed and be loved for who you are. That there is something wrong with you. This belief continues however much you, or someone else you may trust even, tells you that you are more than good enough.
  • That you feel unsafe in your situation, even when you understand that the facts of a situation makes 'sense' to you that logically you are safe, and
  • Believing you can not let go of a resentment or anger, whether it be held for what seems justified or unjustified reasons.

These self-sabotaging, stress inducing beliefs are present in men and women, young and old, rich and poor. Rarely does just telling yourself to” get over it” change the beliefs or the effect they have in making you feel stressed. This is because these beliefs are firmly entrenched in your subconscious mind. 

Hypnosis can reprogram for relaxation

However, by experiencing hypnosis you can communicate with your subconscious mind safely, easily and very effectively to reprogram these beliefs. Many, most likely including you, can enjoy the relaxing positive benefits of hypnosis by themselves while being guided by an experienced professional hypnotist through a recorded hypnosis session.

If you are ready to experience hypnosis right now and start letting go of your anxious feelings based on out-of-date misperceptions, you may do so here and for free as well!

Free stress relief hypnosis Mp3s and more

Although retired from my hypnosis practice at the Queen Elisabeth Health Complex in Montreal, every day I see the increasing need people have to learn how to manage their stress. As a contribution to a better world, I have made the help that you need to release your stress and achieve your goals FREELY available for everyone.  The help is in the form of FOUR POWERFUL SELF HYPNOSIS MP3s. I call this stress release program, “Clearing the Past.”

Based on my years of experience as a professional hypnotist, these hypnosis recordings are uniquely designed for you to:

  • Experience and learn self-hypnosis for yourself,
  • Enjoy and benefit from a profound sense of re-energizing deep relaxation,
  • Release the stress inducing misperceptions you may be holding about yourself and the way the world works,
  • Replace hindering beliefs with ones that will allow you to meet the challenges in your life much more competently and with a much greater sense of confidence, ease and sense of security.

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If you're ready to be rid of these stressful feelings and reactions once and for all, then download the recordings while they are free of charge.  They come with the email instructions on how to use them. There is no catch to it, just let me know who to send the download instructions to below.


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