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Do You Know These 9 Signs That You Are Seriously Stressed?

Many of us may not even know that we are suffering from stress related issues that are seriously affecting our lives.

Check out these 9 signs of stress to see which ones apply to you.

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workplace stress hypnosis

How to really get rid of workplace stress. Free hypnosis mp3s.

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Free Self Hypnosis mp3s tapes cds

Free Unique, Powerful 4 Step Program. Restores natural self confidence and clear thinking. Promotes health, well-being and success in life.

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hypnosis pleasant point beach nj

Discover Hypnosis at Pleasant Point Beach NJ with hypnotist James Malone. Lose weight, stop smoking, release anxiety, sleep better. Free self hypnosis mp3

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Hypnosis for Students

Eradicate the stress of poor studying performance by training your brain to focus, absorb and recall effectively.

Knowing that you're failing to study as much as you should is stressful. And studying as hard as you can without good results is just as bad, if not worse. Sometimes, it just seems that the motivation to study is just not there, even though you know you should. Or when you do study, the information just won't seem to go in.

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Hypnosis Birmingham AL Ann Clark Weight Loss Smoking

Hypnosis Birmingham AL: Discover how Ann Clark is helping people succeed with weight loss, quiting smoking, sleep, anxiety and more. Free self hypnosis mp3

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Best hypnotist hypnosis directoryAustralia Canada USA Ireland UK

Find the best hypnotist or hypnotherpaist in the USA and Canada International Hypnotist Directory near you for weight loss, stop smoking, sleep, anxiety, confidence and more. Free hypnosis mp3.

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Is Hypnosis Anything More Than a Party Trick?

When we think of hypnotism, we think of theatre. On stage, the hypnotist tells his pliable volunteers to do something silly. In a deep trance and unaware of the humiliation, they comply while the audience laughs and cringes.

But hypnotism is not a frivolous party trick. It's a powerful tool in health care, says Toronto psychologist Dr. Judy Coldoff, president of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis.

"People think of situations where a hypnotist has made someone quack like a duck or bark like a dog. We who practise it really hate the trivializing of what is a powerful technique," she says. Dr. Coldoff offers hypnotism as part of her psychology practice.

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How To Boost Your Immune System

Everybody wants to be well and strong. If you should get sick, you want to be able to recover quickly, and bounce back to health. Nowadays, we know a lot about what it takes to enjoy the best health. Eat a good balanced diet - and don't overdo it. Exercise frequently. Get enough rest and relaxation. Minimize stress. But few people really understand just how important it is to actively look after your immune system.

In fact, relatively few people even know they have an immune system! What is it, exactly? If they cut you open, where would they find it?

What is the immune system?

'Immune system' is the phrase used to describe the complex mechanisms, and the interaction between them, that the human body has evolved to defend itself against invasion by disease causing agents. The body carries within it a sort of SWAT team of free-roaming cells whose job it is to seek out and destroy invading 'germs' - bacteria and viruses. And this SWAT team has some amazing abilities!

How the immune system works to protect you

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Cool Your Hot Flashes Right Down Now

The hot flash (or flush) is infamous as a classic symptom of menopause. And for sufferers, hot flashes can be a nightmare.

Hot flashes vary in their intensity and duration from woman to woman and are simply the outward sign of internal hormonal changes. During the menopause levels of estrogen fall dramatically and estrogen is involved in regulating the temperature center in the brain.

When estrogen drops because of the menopause the brain gets the 'wrong message' and thinks that the body is too hot, creating measures such as sweating and heat loss (through the skin) to try to cool down the inside of the body. Some women find they have the horrible experience of waking up at night drenched in sweat.

Hot flashes can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing, lasting from three to five minutes and occurring many times a day for some women. Hot flashes can last for years through the menopausal transition.

Although of course the menopause is inevitable the mind also has a major influence over the body and can be hypnotically trained to cool down hot flashes.

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