Prepare For Surgery,
Promote Recovery From Surgery

Are you in line for surgery?

Then Hypnosis can provide important support for both your preparation for the operation and your recovery from it.

Hypnosis is a completely natural, effective and proven process that can help you in several ways, including:
  • Reduce anticipatory fear, anxiety and tension prior to surgery; Hypnosis helps because it can increase your confidence by developing a calmer and more positive state of mind.
  • Pain from medical procedures can be reduced or eliminated. This is now becoming one of the best known medical uses of hypnosis.
  • Recovery from anesthesia, reduction or elimination of pain, nausea, vomiting after surgery is promoted with hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis can also help promote healing from a wound or incision and increase physical energy and mental well-being.
The importance of the mind-body interaction in promoting recovery is now well established. For increasing numbers of people, making a spiritual connection is also integral to regaining health and well-being. Professional and compassionately conducted hypnosis sessions can be the key to accessing and promoting the self-healing process that we all have within ourselves.

The effectiveness of hypnosis to help people with surgery now has a long history of use and is strongly supported by medical research. Even so, however much I tell my clients about the support they can expect from using hypnosis they are still generally pleasantly surprised when they actually experience the results for themselves.

Hypnosis for Surgery in Action

What I received from a client writing to me recently is a fairly typical reaction:

"By the way, the operation was very easy (according to the doctor) and he said I didn’t even bleed too much. I was alone XXXX(name of husband deleted) was not allowed to go in, so I sent him away to work, but I was so NOT scared, I remember thinking I was as relaxed as if I was going to a spa! XXXX (husband's name) was really amazed by that."

This same client later told me that she was released two days earlier than her Doctors had planned for her stay in hospital.

What I will say about using hypnosis for a successful operation is "don't leave it too late." Give yourself some time to prepare by contacting myself or a local competent Consulting Hypnotist a few weeks prior to your surgery. You and your medical team will be glad you did!

Whatever you decide, I wish you all success for your operation and a speedy, easy and full recovery.
One more thing, before you leave I think you will find it very interesting to view the brief video below on Medical Hypnosis and Surgery.
With you on the path to health and a full recovery,

Stephen Gruber, MA
Clinical Hypnotist
Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, Montreal

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