Healing a Broken Heart

Are you suffering from the very real pain of a "broken heart" because your relationship has ended?


  • You brought the relationship to an end,
  • Your partner left you,
  • You had been together for many years,
  • You had only been together for a short while,
  • You know logically that the relationship should have ended but still feel in emotional turmoil, or
  • You have no idea why the same thing keeps happening to you in your relationships
you can benefit from the information on these pages.

True Love

Deep down we all know that if we truly love someone then we only have that person's well being at heart. Sometimes that may mean changing or letting go of our relationship with that person: for love's sake.

Sometimes, if we truly love ourselves, then we also know it can also be just as critically important that we end a relationship that is hurting us.

However, it is sometimes confusing and very painful that we are left in deep emotional turmoil after a relationship has ended, however much we thought we loved someone or were loved at some time by that person.

When it comes to our relationships there is often much more going on inside of us than true love.

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