Hypnotist Job Warning and Free Hypnosis Marketing Plan

I am often asked the following question by people sincerely interested in a career in Hypnosis:

Can I earn full-time income as a Consulting Hypnotist?

A fair and important question for any one contemplating entering a new profession.

Many ads for hypnosis training courses suggest you can easily make a very comfortable living as a hypnotist helping clients one on one.  Well, on the one hand that is true. There are Consulting Hypnotists who make a fair and comfortable living from solely seeing clients one on one and enjoy a very satisfying career to boot.

However, the reality for the vast majority who actually start and stay in business, however well trained they are as a hypnotist, is that they will struggle to earn less than $30,000.  In fact, a recent (2012) survey shows that the majority will earn less than $15,000 a year. Not what many of us would call a comfortable income.  So there is the potential hypnotist job warning laid out in its stark reality.

But..... be assured, it does not have to be that way for anyone who has successfully trained as a Hypnotist.

Hypnosis Marketing Tips

I have prepared a FREE 3 step hypnosis marketing guide" to help potential, starting and struggling hypnotists join the fairly and financially well rewarded group of the profession. These are the marketing tips you need to succeed.

The report is based on an insider's real world experience. It fully exposes key potential business pitfalls and details a simple and effective 3 Step Hypnosis Marketing Plan. The plan will guide any professional  Hypnotist towards the success they deserve as member of this exciting and rapidly advancing profession.

Why not check it out?

Click here now to instantly download the Introduction to the free 3 Step Hypnosis Marketing Report.

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