The Work of a
Consulting Hypnotist

As a Consulting Hypnotist Stephen Gruber practices Non-Therapeutic Hypnotism. Non-Therapeutic -Hypnotism is the independent use of the hypnotic arts and sciences to help clients inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. He does not practice Psychotherapy but rather coaches, teaches and guides his clients toward the resolution of the problems, challenges and issues faced by normal people in everyday life.

He does not diagnose nor carry out any physical or mental evaluations or assessments of clients but does help them with goal setting as required in relation to their problems, challenges and issues. He will not treat clients per se for the problems, issues and challenges they bring to him but will induce a client into the self-hypnotic state. This is a state of relaxed concentration which anyone can and does regularly enter into naturally. He instructs his clients how to enter this natural state more easily and effectively.

The Consulting Hypnotist will suggest ways for clients to achieve their goals, resolve their problems, issues and meet their challenges while the client is in self-hypnotic state. However he will not prescribe solutions to his clients. Suggestion in this context refers to the artful use of imagination to increase a client's enthusiasm for self improvement using self-help techniques. The self-help techniques employed by the Consulting Hypnotist are thinking strategies used by normally-functioning people to remind themselves of improvements they wish to make in their lives.

Please note that a Consulting Hypnotist is not a physician, pyschotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologies, master of family child counselling, or master of social work. None of the work provided by the Consulting Hypnotist substitutes for medical attention and should not be used as a substitute for your physician's role in monitoring and treating you.

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